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Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts


If you left buying your love a special and unique Valentines Day gift until the last minute turns out you are not alone. It is estimated that as much as 60% of gift buyers wait until the last minute. And we are happy to help all last minute loves! We have everything you need to make this Valentines Day the most sentimental and sweet ever! please take a look at our Message in a bottle gifts. These are amazing. And with over 20 styles to choose from you will not have a hard time finding the perfect gift. Especially since most of our bottles can be personalized or engraved and come with a gift box or treasure chest depending on the style. Cost? All different price points. We make it easy for you to find the perfect valentines day gift at an affordable price.

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    Looking for Something Sweet This Valentines Day?


    Looking for Something Sweet This Valentines Day?

    We found this recipe online and just had to bring it to our followers. Check out this refreshing and adorable recipe for Cupid Floats from somewhatsimple.com!

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    Where Can I Buy Creative Message in a Bottle Gifts for Valentines Day?


    Where Can I Buy Creative Message in a Bottle Gifts for Valentines Day?

    Send something totally unexpected this year for Valentines Day! our sentimental message in a bottle gifts are THE PERFECT gift to send! Why? Because it joins both flowers (or sand and sea shells) and a personal loving message all in one gift! Sentimental Messages has been the premier message in a bottle gift since 1998 and in 2015 we still have the most creative, versatile and sentimental messages in a bottle gifts around. All price ranges and so many styles, one is sure to be the perfect gift!. We offer engraved message in a bottles, wedding, anniversary message in a bottle, message in a bottle gifts with treasure chests or themed gift cases. Some arrive with additional components and others you can order just a simple, yet elegant letter in a bottle choice. Here is the link for you to see all of our great styles. Do consider ordering early are message in a bottle gifts are quite popular for Valentimes Day gift giving.

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    Valentines Day Gifts For Your Hero! Law Enforcement Gifts, Police Gifts and Military Gifts


    Valentines Day Gifts For Your Hero! Law Enforcement Gifts, Police Gifts and Military Gifts

    With Valentines Day fast approaching it is time to think of special ways to you can show your hero just how much they are loved. Whether a gift is being sent to a friend, significant other or from a secret admirer you will want to have the best selection of loving and sentimental gifts to choose from and you can find a huge selection of sentimental gifts from onepassionplace.com and heartsfolly.com

    Browse our love tokens, military gifts including heart tokens and keepsake boxes in a wide variety of styles and gifts for Valentines Day for EMS, first responders, Military, Police Officers, Security Guards and Nurses and Doctors too!

  • Military Gifts For Valentines Day-Shipping to APO Fpo and Dpo addresses available!
  • Police Gifts and Law Enforcement Gifts for Valentines Day
  • Firefighter and Fireman, Nurce and Paramedics Gift Selections For Valentines Day
  • Valentines Day Gifts For Professionals - Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists etc.,
  • Sentimental Gifts For Valentines Day
  • Personalized and Customized Valentines Day Gifts Including Jewelry and Watches and Keepsake Boxes are also available

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  • Valentines Day Gifts - When You Want to Send Something Creative and Unique


    Sentimental message in a Bottle Gifts for Valentines Day

    Long before the internet and especially in the Victorian Era people who desired to communicate or send a secret message used the "Language of Flowers" to express their feelings. There were times, due to various circumstances, that ones true feelings could not be openly expressed. So people of this era devised a way to arrange flowers in a certain way or choose a specific color to reveal these thoughts and feelings secretly. Red roses meant love and romance. Here at onepassionplace.com and heartsfolly.com we have mastered the art of sending your feelings in a most unique way. Its a message in a bottle gift. Your words, or you can choose from one of our stock messages, is printed in archival quality parchment paper. We then burn the edges of the paper for that "antiqued look." Then it is hand rolled into a scroll and carefully put into our premium 12" glass message in a bottle gift. We have a huge selection of styles to choose from. One that will fit your budget as well as convey your feelings in the most romantic and loving of ways.

    Many of our bottles can be engraved with personalization. Some arrive with real roses inside the bottle or sand and sea shells. Add out pewter Key to my Heart for that "added touch and some choices arrive with the key as already part of the package!

    So this year Say it Your Way with a gift from onepassionplace.com

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    Where Can I Find Affordable Valentines Day Jewelry? Right Here of Course!


    Heart Jewelry Just in Time For Valentines Day or Any Special Occcasion!

    Our buyers and Cupid searched the world over for the best and most affordable jewelry pieces to give to your Valentine! You may also want to bookmark our site for other special occasions because we are constantly adding new products and jewelry that really speaks to the heart all the time.

    For instance take our Renaissance Sterling Silver Red Enamel and Marcasite Heart Locket for example. It is made with .925 sterling silver and red enamel along with sparkling Marcasite for that added special touch. This amazing red heart locket arrives with a sterling silver 18" necklace too! Expertely crafted, this Valentines Day heart locket will be treasured for years to come!

    We also carry a huge selection of other jewelry pieces that can be viewed here

    Since 1998 customers have entrusted us to procure the best in Valentines Day gifts and all occasion gifts, and 2015 is no exception. We LOVE what we do, which is help YOU find the perfect gift for your sweetheart

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    Where Can I Find Great Valentines Day Gifts - Right Here! At OnePassionPlace.com of Course!


    Where Can You Find The Best Valentines Day Gifts For 2014? Right Here! We have it all. A great selection, fast shipping and an amazing customer service crew just waiting to help you pick "just the right thing." I can't believe that it has been 16 years since we began our internet gift business. Along the way we have met some wonderful customers. Some who have gone on to become close friends. We LOVE that we can be of help to our clients and guests. Especially on Valentines Day. Our selection of Valentines Day Gifts is amazing this year. We have added jewelry gifts, new watch gifts for him and watches for her. And we have added some very creative gifts too! Like our new Valet Box that doubles as a jewelry box or keepsake box. Also check out our new Sentimental Forever Rose Keepsake Gifts. These roses are actually real preserved roses that have been lacquered and then trimmed in 24 karat gold. We even have engraved silver roses too! Also new this year is our Treasured Love Message in a Bottle Edition With Treasure Chest. Amazing detail goes into each and every chest. We love the real wood and leather used in this piece. Arrives with your message in a bottle gift, a pewter key to my heart keepsake and Five Metal Pirate Doubloon pieces. Actual replicas of real pirate coins. This treasure chest gift is a personal favorite of mine.

    What about a unique watch gift for #him or #her this year. We have all the top brands. Steinhausen, moog, Hamlin Portrait, Swiss Eagle and Charles Hubert.

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    Where Can you Find The Perfect Heart Jewelry Gift or Valentine's Day Gift? Why, One Passion Place of Course!


    They're coming (and some are already here!) Some beautiful new gift and jewelry arrivals! (hint:Garnet is the birthstone for January!) Just as promised to you in our end of the year post. New gifts, new keepsake boxes, watch stands and jewelry items for him and her are being added daily so check back often. But in the meantime check out some of our new garnets and amethysts shown today on our Valentines Day Gift page by clicking here. In this post we would like to show you just a few of the new pieces we are offering. Many of our new pieces have genuine stones, unless otherwise noted on the page itself, and not in small print either! We believe you should absolutely know what you are getting before you purchase it. We will also clearly state the setting material (sterling, 14K, stainless, leather etc) and the CT weight of the gems you are ordering (if applicable.) You can count on us, just as you have for 16 years for the best in quality and service no matter what you purchase. We will stand behind all of our gifts 100%. Don’t forget to keep checking in with us or email us at [email protected] and ask for us to include you in our weekly mailing list. You can always reach us at 815 609 9550 On twitter we are @heartsfolly and Facebook too!

    Be My Sweet Love 2 Piece Necklace Set - Perfect For The Two of You!


    "Be My Sweet Love" - That sentiment says it all doesn't it? And now the two of you can keep each other close with this amazing high polished necklace that is absolutely sensational looking. Its modern with a sentimental twist! You get to choose who wears which piece, and when together the two necklaces combine to complete the "Be My Sweet Love" message. Perfect for Valentines Day, Sweetest Day, Birthdays or Anniversaries! Item length is 22" Features two CZ stones (one for each side.) This piece boasts a fancy lobster clasp and the metal is Stainless Steel.

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    Hemingway Edition message in a bottle gift


    Want to read what all the Hoopla is about this new gift? We started the conversation on our new Hemingway Edition on Twitter - (we are @heartsfolly) and Facebook! Join the conversation! Let us know your thoughts! Want to read about the finer details on our newest edition? click here

    Send someone you care about our new Hemingway Edition Message in a Bottle Gift with optional pewter compass token. Your special sentimental message in a bottle gift will be filled with sand and sea shells. Then we take it a step further and burn the edges of the archival quality parchment paper we use to make the scroll . This extra step gives it a feeling of a bottle "washed ashore." Perfect for a man or woman. And a great gift for those who travel, are in to history, adventurous, creative or are interested in anything nautical.The chest is made from made of wood with a whitewash antique finish, brass accents and faux leather straps, Free optional Brass name plate is available. We can Engrave up to 3 Lines For You at No additional Charge. The plate is affixed to the outside of the wood case. Also, you can elect to add our Pewter Pocket Heart compass or our Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost-Pocket Compass With Globe Motif for an additional $19.95. There are 3 heart compass sayings available and 1 globe pocket heart token to choose from. Each pocket heart/globe compass has e a real working compass and is made from lead free pewter.. These are hand forged for us right here in the USA. Each token is approximately 1 ¼" making it the perfect size to carry in a pocket, purse briefcase or even a backpack. This special gift includes: Wood case, premium 12" glass bottle, cork, archival quality parchment paper scroll with burnt edging and free optional brass name plate.

    Our newest message in a bottle designs can be seen by checking out our directory page of message in a bottle gifts, click here