Victorian Era Gifts

Stainless Steel and Leather Roman Numerals ID Bracelet


Stainless Steel and Leather Roman Numerals ID Bracelet $49.95

WOW! A truly unique and creative jewelry gift just for him! A classic yet trendy mix of stainless steel and real leather combine to make this bracelet his favorite fashion accessory. Simply follow the link provided below to have that special date converted into Roman Numerals. Copy the text then come back to our site and paste the translated date into the space provided and we will take care of the rest. Perfect for a wedding, anniversary, birthday or when you are looking to buy him something special. Here is the link to convert your specific date into Roman Numerals.

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Valentines Day Gifts - When You Want to Send Something Creative and Unique


Sentimental message in a Bottle Gifts for Valentines Day

Long before the internet and especially in the Victorian Era people who desired to communicate or send a secret message used the "Language of Flowers" to express their feelings. There were times, due to various circumstances, that ones true feelings could not be openly expressed. So people of this era devised a way to arrange flowers in a certain way or choose a specific color to reveal these thoughts and feelings secretly. Red roses meant love and romance. Here at and we have mastered the art of sending your feelings in a most unique way. Its a message in a bottle gift. Your words, or you can choose from one of our stock messages, is printed in archival quality parchment paper. We then burn the edges of the paper for that "antiqued look." Then it is hand rolled into a scroll and carefully put into our premium 12" glass message in a bottle gift. We have a huge selection of styles to choose from. One that will fit your budget as well as convey your feelings in the most romantic and loving of ways.

Many of our bottles can be engraved with personalization. Some arrive with real roses inside the bottle or sand and sea shells. Add out pewter Key to my Heart for that "added touch and some choices arrive with the key as already part of the package!

So this year Say it Your Way with a gift from

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Bentlor Square Sterling Silver Locket


Bentlor Square Sterling Silver Locket

Who has the best jewelry gifts? of course! Check out our new line of Bentlor Locket with CZ stones. Stunning! Not to mention we are sending a FREE sterling silver necklace along with this pendant as just "ONE" of our Valentines specials we are offering this year!. Just order this piece before 1/25/2015 and we will include a sterling silver 18" necklace!!!

The pendant itself really is extraordinary. Just look at the craftsmanship and artisan touches on this beautiful sterling silver locket. We love that it is rectangular and that it will open so your favorite picture can be placed inside. A very sentimental gift and one that will certainly be cherished for years to come. Also check out our other fine jewelry and contemporary artisan pieces by clicking here.

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This Valentines Day Don't Forget About The Other Loves in Your Life


I am always reminded of how quickly life can change. In a blink of an eye really. It seems like yesterday I brought my daughter home from the hospital, all I did is turn around and BAM! She is now 24 and out on her own. (I can live without her driving a motorcycle but you cant have everything right? LOL) But back to our story, so on Valentine's Day I always gave her little presents as she was growing up. She is MY HEART and so she is my Valentine. A true love, a bond that will never break. I always told her that she and I share a unique bond. A sound that no one else has ever heard. And so, when I was giving her her Valentines Day gift when she was small I would say to her ”After all, you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside…" That always made her giggle. Now when I say it she just rolls her eyes, but that’s ok too.

Valentines Day isnt just for your spouse or girlfriend or lover it is for family and friends too. Especially those who are in the hospital or in assisted living facilities. Many of these elderly and sick patients have no one to visit them on special days let alone on any other day of the year. Consider dropping off some Valentines Day cards to people who may not have anyone this year.

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Constellation Chocolate Collection - The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift


I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate. And this collection gives you chocolate without guilt! LOL! You order your indulgence, and $45.00 will help bring safe drinking water to people who have very little if any at all

From their article/website: This once-in-­a-­lifetime collaboration is as unique as your loved one. Alice Waters, Gary Danko, Michael Tusk and 22 award-winning chefs have come together to create a limited-edition constellation of artisan chocolates to benefit charity: water. For each curated chocolate box sold, $45 will bring safe drinking water to communities around the world. This rare collection is a luxurious indulgence and unique glimpse into the creative genius of these legendary chefs. An elegant gift box is included and quantities are limited.

Here is the link to order from

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Cupid Is About To Make An Apperance On The Red Carpet! Valentines Day is Only Days Away!!!


What are you planning for this Valentines Day? Which just so happens to fall on a Friday this year! WOOOHOOO! Perfect time for long weekend getaway! Or maybe a nice romantic evening at home? Dinner? Dancing? A Proposal maybe? We have everything you need to make this Valentines Day the BEST EVER! Take a moment to browse our site we feel confidant you will find just the right thing for your special love. We also ship to Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses. If you need some help picking out the perfect gift feel free to contact any of our sales consultants. We can be reached at 815 609 9550 , email at [email protected] - Twitter we are @heartsfolly and we are on Facebook too

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Feel The Love This Valentines Day


Shop One Passion Place this Valentines Day. We have everything you need to make this a Valentines Day they will never forget.

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What Do You Want This Valentines Day? You wont believe what they said...


Yesterday, we posed that question to a few of our friends and clients. Of course we got the usual, roses, cards etc. But amazingly many of the men and women we talked to just wanted to have their partner tell them, in some small yet sentimental way, what that person meant to them. And that is important. Our day to day lives are getting more and more hectic. Tech is great, but LOVE isn’t automated. Lets face it, you know your partner better than anyone. It could be a loving note tucked in his briefcase, or a flower on the pillowcase or a romantic dinner. "Small things mean alot" they said and we agree. Strange, coming from a gift retailer! But it is true. Of course a gift is a wonderful thing! But, it is also important to remember that sometimes "the little things" are priceless. Need some more examples? A kind gesture... an extra special hug... a loving kiss. If there is past pain or anger in the relationship, let it go. Let this Valentines Day be a new beginning. Let your partner know you are working on forgiveness. Lugging around pain and resentment is far harder on you then it is on them. It can be all consuming. One of my favorite quotes is from The #Buddha "Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." That is true. Do your best to mend a broken heart. Love is all around you. Embrace it. Face it. Share it.

And if your partner tends to "forget" or is anti-valentines day, I don't see anything wrong with a gentle "reminder". We arent robots. We arent mind-readers. Sometimes the only way to Receive what we need is to Ask. A little imagination and a little effort goes a long way

So we say to you this Valentines Day...

Ask...Believe ... and Receive.

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Where Can I Find Great Valentines Day Gifts - Right Here! At of Course!


Where Can You Find The Best Valentines Day Gifts For 2014? Right Here! We have it all. A great selection, fast shipping and an amazing customer service crew just waiting to help you pick "just the right thing." I can't believe that it has been 16 years since we began our internet gift business. Along the way we have met some wonderful customers. Some who have gone on to become close friends. We LOVE that we can be of help to our clients and guests. Especially on Valentines Day. Our selection of Valentines Day Gifts is amazing this year. We have added jewelry gifts, new watch gifts for him and watches for her. And we have added some very creative gifts too! Like our new Valet Box that doubles as a jewelry box or keepsake box. Also check out our new Sentimental Forever Rose Keepsake Gifts. These roses are actually real preserved roses that have been lacquered and then trimmed in 24 karat gold. We even have engraved silver roses too! Also new this year is our Treasured Love Message in a Bottle Edition With Treasure Chest. Amazing detail goes into each and every chest. We love the real wood and leather used in this piece. Arrives with your message in a bottle gift, a pewter key to my heart keepsake and Five Metal Pirate Doubloon pieces. Actual replicas of real pirate coins. This treasure chest gift is a personal favorite of mine.

What about a unique watch gift for #him or #her this year. We have all the top brands. Steinhausen, moog, Hamlin Portrait, Swiss Eagle and Charles Hubert.

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Key To My Heart Gifts - Perfect Gift For Valentines Day


At a loss at what to get #her this year for Valentines Day? Check these out. She will adore these victorian replica gate keys. Over 8 styles to choose from! Our favorite? The Key To My Heart of course! These fine lead free pewter reproductions of 19th century Victorian gate keys are reminiscent of a simpler, romantic age when these keys opened the gates to beautiful Victorian gardens and homes. Today these timeless keepsakes unlock wishes, desires or warm sentiments. These unique keepsakes can be given for any occasion but are especially welcomed during special celebrations like Anniversaries, Weddings, Showers, Graduation, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Sweetest Day or "Just Because". Choose from over 8 styles! Including Key to my Heart! A perfect item to collect or exchange between friends or loved ones. Each key is approximately 4 ½" - 4 ¾" long and arrives in a red velvet jewelers bag.

Here is a link to our full site we have a wide variety of gifts to choose from for Valentines Day!