Happy Endings Valentines Day Fortune Cookies

Fathers Day Countdown - No Ties Here, Just Unique Gifts For Dad


Fathers Day is Coming! No need to worry and make a mad dash to the big box store! Let our creative department make a unique gift just for dad! And don't forget about Grandpa, Uncles and mentors too!

onepassionplace.com has the best personalized Fathers Day gifts. Just check out our Fathers Day product page just chock full of amazing gifts for Dad that are affordable too!

We even have Fathers Day gifts for first responders, Fathers Day gifts for police officers, gifts for dads that are firefighters and Fathers Day gifts for those who serve in the military, We even ship our gifts to military APO/FPO and DPO addresses!

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Where Can I Buy Creative Valentines Day Gifts? Well, Right Here at One Passion Place of Course!


Now that the New Year is upon us it is time to think about resolutions and perhaps some big (and little) changes for 2014. Are you thinking of proposing this year? Or, maybe you have made a commitment to work harder at your relationship? Even little changes can be stressful at times. We are here to help. With over 16 years of gift experience let us help you pick the "perfect gift" for Valentines Day this year. If you are considering "Popping The Question" we have some new and very creative ways of doing just that. Perhaps you will be on vacation or live in a state where it is warm weather and sandy beaches, consider our message in a bottle gift! Its a new and creative way to propose or to say I Love You. Most of our bottles are engraved or can be personalized and either arrive with sand and sea shells or real rose petals right in the bottle! We even burn the edges of the parchment paper (at no additional charge) for that extra touch. We have helped many couples say I Love You or Happy Valentines Day and even Will You Marry Me? Consider purchasing one of our bottles and hide it in the sand for her or him to find. Picture this, you are strolling along the beach and there it is, your Sentimental Message in a Bottle "washed ashore" with a parchment scroll that they can easily remove and read your own words that have been masterfully printed on the scroll. Can you imagine the memories of that moment...finding the bottle, removing the cork and your love reading those precious words. You can actually write your own message or choose from one of our stock messages. PERFECTION!

We also carry a wide variety of preserved roses that have been trimmed or dipped into 24 K gold, these are truly forever roses!. AND for anniversaries or an I Love You Gift we also have silver plated roses that can be engraved!

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Is It Too Early To Talk About Valentine's Day Gifts 2014? No Way! Because Any Day Can Be Valentine's Day!


Hey! Happy New Year! Thanks for making 2013 such a great year for us! We really appreciate your patronage and we have made such great friends along the way over these 15 years!

We also wanted to let you know what is being introduced this year for Valentines Day Gifts. Valentines Day is Friday February 14, 2014. You can expect to see some wonderful new message in a bottle gift ideas, new heart lockets that are engraveable and new jewelry boxes to put all of your best pieces into! We are expanding these offerings to include 14k, sterling silver and plated pieces. Look for these special I Love You Gifts to be offered all throughout the year along with special pieces for Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Weddings. And did I forget to mention that we are expanding our mens jewelry and accessory lines too? Just in time for Valentines Day. You will find the perfect gift for him here at onepassionplace.com

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Valentines Day Gifts, Military Gifts, Long Distance Relationship Gifts


Click here to see our full line of wood keepsake boxes and memory boxes.

Whether you are in a new relationship, long distance relationship, newly married or celebrating any special occasion this engraved solid wood keepsake box will touch the heart and satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes.

Author and poet Arlene Brown has created a beautiful story that captures the mind, soul and spirit. (read the complete story located to at the bottom of this post.

The story itself is laser engraved on the inside lid of this extraordinary box along with a beautiful compass motif engraved on the top.

When your gift recipient opens the box they will find a solid pewter key. The key is approximately 4½ long and has been hand forged just for us here in the USA. The key will be placed in a red velvet presentation jewelers bag for that "extra touch".

An optional brass name plate is available at no additional charge for a limited time.

Truly an instant heirloom and a GREAT Valentines Day Gift Idea!

Fellow Traveler Story by Arlene Brown

I have traveled to the four corners of the world and sailed the seven seas. I have climbed every mountain and roamed the prairies. I have searched every cavern and crevasse. I have walked the deserts until my thirst brought me to the ocean. I’ve even searched the waters secret highways. All for one purpose - To find you. You are the one that holds the key to my heart and the map to my soul. For on my journey when I needed strength I spoke your name. When I needed hope I knelt and prayed that you were not far. When I was tired and felt I might not be able to go any further, I thought of you and you were the wind at my back. When I lost my way you were my True North. When I cried the wind whispered your name and dried my tears. When I needed rest I imagined falling asleep in your arms. When I felt alone your presence was there to comfort me. And so now at the end of this solitary journey, my hearts quest is that you will take my hand and join me for a new adventure. One we can share together. Always and forever.

Romantic Valentines Day Gifts

Big Chest Closed 14-x Plate

Check out our Romantic Valentines Day Gifts by Clicking here

We have it all this Valentines Day. Gifts starting at $9.95 and up. Everything from edible "naughty but nice" Valentines Day fortune cookies called "Happy Endings", to our very popular silver tone fortune cookie or gold tone keepsake fortune cookies! Complete with your very own fortune inside and FREE engraving on the back of the item. Don't forget to check out our wood gifts, and anniversary gifts too! Looking for a special jewelry or keepsake box? Check out our wood gifts by clicking here and our silver plated and silver tone keepsake boxes by clicking here. Also we have added new chests to our Sentimental Message in a Bottle line. New boxes with a "pirate or Renaissance feel. If you want to take that feeling to the next level check out our chests with stories that are based on Knights tales or Enchanted Love...and if you are looking for a way to really "knock their socks off" check out our new Premium Treasure Chest with a multitude of components all specifically chosen to "capture the heart". Don't forget to check out our military gifts, law enforcement gifts, first responder and EMS gifts too. We ship to any Military APO FPO or DPO address.. Send a Valentines Day gift for www.onepassionplace.com this year. We have been serving our online clients since 1998 and are eager to serve you as well. Questions? Call our knowledgeable sales staff at 1-800-747-8304

In Love But On a Budget? Check Out Our Very Affordable Valentines Day Gifts


Check out our affordable Valentines Day Gifts For 2013!

Valentine's Day is celebrated yearly on February 14. Secret admirers, partners, lovers and the like send delicious Valentines Day gifts of love and desire to their most cherished. Sometimes innocent notes of friendship are exchanged between friends and family. It is a day for all to show the people that they love and cherish that they are remembered and cared about. And this year you can afford to send a beautiful, high quality gift at a very affordable price. We carry everything from solid pewter key to my heart keychains for just $14.95, silver and gold tone fortune cookies (with your own fortune inside I might add) or check out any of our personalized gifts or our one-of-a-kind Sentimental Message in a Bottle Gift line. Affordable upscale Valentines Day Gifts, That's onepassionplace.com

Valentines Day Gifts


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If you are searching for the "perfect gift" for your significant other, mom, dad, daughter or son we have something for everyone at onepassionplace.com. From our custom Sentimental Message in a Bottle Line to wood keepsake boxes, silver plated and silver tone jewelry boxes, unique gifts for him and GREAT gifts for someone who is either serving in the military or if you are in a long distance relationship. Check us out at www.onepassionplace.com!