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Best Engraved Gifts and Best Wedding Gifts


Best Engraved Gifts and Best Personalized Wedding Gifts

Custom Wedding Gifts and Personalized Anniversary gifts are even more special when sent from Why? Because our 18 years of experience and custom craftsmanship is top rate and unique in every way. Unlike some stores we do not "farm" our gifts out to a third party. 99.9% of what is ordered here at or is either customized, assembled, engraved or manufacturered right here at our studios near Chicago, Illinois.

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Unique and Creative Message in a Bottle Gifts


Unique and Creative Message in a Bottle Gifts

In keeping with taking gift giving to a "whole new level" is proud to offer a selection of over 25 different message in a bottle gifts to choose from. Many can be engraved or customized for free! Mibihavefallen-l

Whether you choose this message in a bottle for a anniversary gift, wedding gift, I love you gift, proposal idea, birthday gift or really any special occasion, you simply can not go wrong. Your engraved bottle will contain your private message which will be printed on archival quality parchment paper and rolled into a scroll. Real rose petals or sand and sea shells will fill the bottle for that "extra touch". The rose petals have been freeze dried to maintain their beauty and will last a very long time.">message in a bottle gifts. Perfect for a marriage proposal, wedding gift, romantic gift, anniversary gift or our favorite occasion "just because."

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Our Message in a Bottle Gifts for Fall and Sweetest Day


We would like to share our new line up of message in a bottle gifts for fall 2014. All of our message in a bottle gifts arrive with either a free gift box or you can choose to updrage to one of our message in a bottle gifts with our custom message in a bottle wood boxes and or treasure chests. What makes our message in a bottle gifts so unique is that each one is made to order and most can be engraved with a short phrase or names and a date. Click here to see our Sweetest Day Message in a bottle gifts. Here is a quick cheat sheet for quick click to specific holiday and or occasion message in a bottle gifts

  • Wedding Message in a Bottle Gift
  • Anniversary Message in a Bottle Gifts With FREE Engraving
  • Enchanted Love Message in a Bottle Gift
  • Law Enforcement Messdage in a Bottle Gifts
  • I Love You Message in a Bottle Gifts
  • Forgive me Message in a Bottle Gifts
  • Sand and Sea Shell Message in a Bottle Gifts
  • Treasure Chest and Message in a Bottle Gifts
  • Architect of the Heart Message in a Bottle Gifts
  • Fellow Traveler Message in a Bottle Gifts
  • Blue Rose Message in a Bottle Gifts
  • Sweetest Day Message in a Bottle Gift
  • Timeless Love Message in a Bottle Gift
  • Treasured Rose Message in a Bottle Gifts
  • Military - Navy, Army, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard Message in a Bottle Gift
  • Knights of the Heart Treasure Chest and Message in a Bottle Gift
  • Corinthians Message in a Bottle Gift
  • Timeless Love Message in a Bottle gift
  • Friendship Message in a Bottle Gifts
  • Captains Compass Message in a Bottle Gift Chest Captainscompassnew-l

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  • Countdown To Valentines Day - We Are Your Creative Valentines Day Gift Source


    Valentines Day is fast approaching! It seems just like yesterday we were celebrating the holidays! WOW! Time does fly. So, where can you find the best Valentines Day Gifts? Why, of course! We have selected some great gifts for you to choose from this year. In this post we would like to showcase a few new items as well as some of our tried and true gifts that have withstood the test of #time. Lets start with our silver and or gold tone fortune cookies. We love this #gift. It is sentimental and it is quite beautiful. No one would suspect that you paid $14.95 (FREE engraving too!) for this item. It is very well made and will show your #creative side. Next we would like to direct you to our Sentimental Message in a Bottle Gifts. You simply must take a look at our entire line. There is something for everyone and every budget. We love this line. It is creative and very unique. You will not find these bottles anywhere else. Most come with free engraving and other special components like our Key to my Heart that is made from lead free pewter. From treasure chests to storyline bottles we have it all. Check it out by clicking here. Jewelry is a very personal gift choice. With so many companies out there, why should you consider a gift from One Passion Place? We back all of our purchases with our unconditional guarantee and the items FULL description is located on the product page of each item so you will know exactly what you are purchasing. With so many choices where should you begin? If you are looking for watches click here, For #Valentines Day #Jewelry you can click here

    Another #unique item is our keepsake boxes. All of them can be engraved for free and are a great option for #Valentines Day or any other special occasion.

    While there is a lot to consider when purchasing a #gift, you know your partner better than anyone. However if you need some special ideas please feel free to contact us. We can be reached at [email protected] - 815 609 9550 - on Twitter we are @heartsfolly and Facebook too

    Who Sells The Best Valentines Day Gifts? One Passion Place of Course!


    This is such an exciting time for us. We are celebrating 16 years in business, we have expanded our gift lines to include some of the worlds most creative and one-of-a kind gifts offered on the web for Valentines Day. We have hand selected only the most creative and unique valentines day gifts and sentimental creative gifts for every occasion throughout the year. Take a quick peek at our new lines of jewelry, watches, accessories, music boxes and so much more. Whether you are giving a gift "across the miles" or "across the table" at a romantic restaruant we have the perfect valentimes day gift for him or her. Here is a quick cheat sheet of all of our finest gift departments a quick link to access them

  • Heart Jewelry
  • Valentines Day Themed Gifts
  • Custom message in a Bottle Gifts
  • Key To My Heart Themed Gifts and Jewelry
  • Watches For Him and Watches For Her
  • Jewelry Boxes and Music Boxes
  • Romantic Gifts
  • Silver Gifts
  • Gold Trimmed Forever Roses
  • Silver Plated Engravable Roses
  • Remember you can always contact us with any questions at 815 609 9550, email at [email protected] on Twitter we are @heartsfoly and dont forget to Like us on Facebook too!

    Where Can I Buy Wood Boxes, WIne Boxes, Wood Treasure Chests and Wood Cases? Well, Right Here of Course!


    Check out our new wood keepsake box page! Fully loaded with a wide variety of wood keepsake boxes, wood treasure chests with keys, wood gifts for someone who travels, nautical gifts, military gifts, wood gifts, wood wine boxes, wood jewelry boxes, corporate wood gifts, wood anniversary gifts and even wood clocks! We have it all, just for you and at a great price. Here is our newest addition; It is the Pirate Style Treasure Chest Case - Plenty of room for all of your sentimental keepsakes. It has a slightly distressed look and would work well at home or at the office. And as an extra bonus all engraving is FREE! You can always find us on Twitter we are @heartsfolly or call us if you have any questions at 1-800-747-8304 or 815-609-9550. We can also be found on Facebook or email us at [email protected]

    To see our full line of wood keepsake boxes and wood gifts click here to be taken to our wood gifts directory page

    Countdown to Sweetest Day


    With Sweetest Day fast approaching we thought we would take this moment to offer up some quick links to some of our most popular items and categories. Sweetest Day is October 19, 2013 this year.

    Here are some helpful links, a "cheat sheet" if you will, to our hottest gifts

  • Forever Roses-Real Roses Preserved and Trimmed in Real 24K Gold -
  • Silver Plated Long Stem Roses With Red or Silver Bud-Engraveable
  • Wood Keepsake Boxes
  • Silver Plated and Silver Tone Jewlery boxes and Gifts -
  • Military Themed Gifts -
  • Creative Message in a Bottle Gifts -
  • Jewelry Boxes, Music Boxes and Wood Compasses -
  • Gifts for Law Enforcement, EMS, Firefighters and Police Includign Sheriffs Office
  • Engraveable Secret Compartment Watches
  • Engraveable Pocket Heart Tokens and Pocket Coins
  • Silver Tone or GOld Tone Fortune Cookies With Free Engraving

    Remember you can always call us or email us for one on one customer support. 1-800-747-8304 or email us at [email protected]

    All of our Most Popular Keepsake Coins are now Indexed on One Product Page


    Click here to be taken to the new Keepsake Coin product page

    Whether you are looking for a special keepsake to remember your wedding, an anniversary gift, a special announcement, to give to military service personnel, First Responder Gifts, Nautical Gift, NRA members, EMS and Firefighters and or Law Enforcement we have a keepsake medallion or coin to suit just about any occasion. More are being added daily, so check back often. If you have any special requirements or are in need of a custom coin please feel free to email us or contact or friendly sales representatives.

    Fidelity Honor and Commitment Just Married Keepsake Coin


    Click here to be taken to the Fidelity Honor and Commitment Keepsake Coin With Free Engraving product page

    Members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard all serve with core values that characterize their commitment and operate as a guideline for everything they do in service to the nation – and often carry a coin to remind them of these key concepts. Marriage is no different, and here’s the medallion to embody its beliefs. Whether it is a gift from the military bride or groom to attendants, guests, or family members to solemnize the occasion and proclaim their commitment, a gift to the couple from a parent or friend, or even a gift between the bride and the groom, this wedding medallion serves as a hand-held toolkit for thriving in married bliss. Fidelity, commitment, and honor – these three words are at the core of every successful marriage, and dominate the obverse.  The reverse is encircled by the Way of Love Bible verse from 1 Corinthians 13:7 – “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.” Marriage requires so much, but love will overcome. Whether given to the bride and groom or by the happy couple, because the medallion is engravable, it can be customized with the sentiment that suits any wedding.

    Click here to be taken to our Military gifts product directory

    United in Christ Wedding Medallion Keepsake Coin


    Click here to be taken to the United in Christ Wedding Medallion Product Page

    In Ephesians 4:2 the apostle Paul teaches that love of Christ is not inconsistent with – and is indeed essential to – love of all kinds, including that between husband and wife. Marriage is blessed by the Lord, and succeeds because the Lord is part of the union. All that is necessary is that we are humble, gentle, and patient with the one we love. This smart medallion announces that commitment. Coins, medallions, and other gifts and symbols have long been important to any wedding ceremony. The English sixpence in the shoe; the Polish shower of coins; and the Persian bowl of silver coins are just a handful of the wedding traditions in which coins symbolize joining together and a wish for prosperity. When united with Christ in marriage, any couple has a perfect beginning. For those who witness the happiness of your ceremony or revel in it from afar, this medallion embodies your commitment and the beauty of your relationship with the recipient. The United in Christ wedding medallion sentiment will represent your bond as a couple and proclaim your belief in Christ to all of your supporters, and features a place for personalization, enabling you to memorialize your thanks and your happiness. Free personalization, keepsake box. This coin is 1 oz .999 Silver. Perfect for wedding and anniversaries!