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Groomsmen Gifts That Wont Break The Bank


We love finding great deals on the best products for our clients. And we have done it again with a wide variety of groomsmen gifts like cigar holders, shaving kits, personalized beer steins, key chains and tie bars all of which can be customized at no additional charge! We also have an amazing gift for you! Get $10.00 off any order of $50.00 or more when you use free10 in the in the designated area at final checkout.

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Groomsmen Gifts And Brides Maids Gifts


Searching for the perfect groomsmen gifts and bridesmaid gifts? Look no further! We have a wide variety of gifts for the bridal party at affordable prices. All of our gifts include free personalization or engraving! Click here to visit and see all of our creative and unique wedding party gifts! Spend less and get more at



In addition we just received these amazing 3 cigar holder and lighter/cutter sets. Free engraving is available on this item too and is available for immediate shipping. An affordale groomsmen option!

Best Engraved Gifts and Best Wedding Gifts


Best Engraved Gifts and Best Personalized Wedding Gifts

Custom Wedding Gifts and Personalized Anniversary gifts are even more special when sent from Why? Because our 18 years of experience and custom craftsmanship is top rate and unique in every way. Unlike some stores we do not "farm" our gifts out to a third party. 99.9% of what is ordered here at or is either customized, assembled, engraved or manufacturered right here at our studios near Chicago, Illinois.

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Unique and Creative Message in a Bottle Gifts


Unique and Creative Message in a Bottle Gifts

In keeping with taking gift giving to a "whole new level" is proud to offer a selection of over 25 different message in a bottle gifts to choose from. Many can be engraved or customized for free! Mibihavefallen-l

Whether you choose this message in a bottle for a anniversary gift, wedding gift, I love you gift, proposal idea, birthday gift or really any special occasion, you simply can not go wrong. Your engraved bottle will contain your private message which will be printed on archival quality parchment paper and rolled into a scroll. Real rose petals or sand and sea shells will fill the bottle for that "extra touch". The rose petals have been freeze dried to maintain their beauty and will last a very long time.">message in a bottle gifts. Perfect for a marriage proposal, wedding gift, romantic gift, anniversary gift or our favorite occasion "just because."

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Wood Keepsake Boxes - Perfect For Graduation Gifts, Retirement Gifts and Anniversary Gifts


Wood Keepsake Boxes and Wood Memory Boxes

We LOVE this wood remembrance Keepsake Box. Whether you are sending this Remembrance Family Tree wood keepsake box to a family member or friend it certainly will become a treasured keepsake.

Captains Compass and Clock Gift


The base and lid are made from solid wood and stained in a rich rosewood finish. When the box is opened there is a stainless steel engravable plate just waiting for up to 3 Lines of personalization for FREE!

Compass Gifts With Free Engraving choices click here

Real Roses Message in a Bottle Gift From


We are so happy to have a grower right here in the USA who provides to us real rose petals for our message in a bottle gift. What makes these rose petals so unique is that they have been freeze dried. What does that mean for you? It means that these rose petals will last a very long time inside the bottle and keep their color. In fact the very first prototype we made of our sentimental message in a bottle gift almost 16 years ago, still is as beautiful as the day we designed it. The rose petals remain the same color and it looks amazing!

Since that very first prototype things have certainly changed. We have expanded the line to include bottles that can also have sand and sea shells instead. And we took it one step farther and we can engrave our message in a bottle gifts to further customize your special gift. We have message in a bottle gifts that come with treasure chests, keepsakes boxes or on their own as a stand alone piece. Take a look at our full line of message in a bottle gifts by clicking here

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All My Love - "I Know Now" Message in a Bottle


Our "All My Love" edition is simply beautiful will be cherished and enjoyed by your gift recipient for years to come. Engraved on each bottle is the quote:

"I Know Now I Was Meant To Find You, Seems I Got Lost In The Right Direction"


We love this for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Long Distance Relationshis and our very favorite occasion "Just-Because" Inside this special bottle are real sea shells and sand along with your parchment scroll with burnt edges (at no additional cost). You can choose from one of our stock messages or create your own at final checkout. View Our Stock Messages.We then seal the bottle with a cork and place it in our velvet gift bag with ribbon drawstring. Careful attention is paid to shipping your special gift. Bottle is 12" tall and is glass. Arrives gift boxed.

Amor Vincit Omnia - Love Conquers All Keepsake Box


Amor Vincit Omnia is from the Latin and is defined as "Love Conquers All" When our creative department read this quote they were inspired to create an amazing gift and this laser engraved keepsake box is the result.

Constructed from solid wood with a beautiful matte black slate finish and grey felt interior, this gift is sure to satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes. There is plenty of room for your gift recipient to keep their special mementoes', jewelry, coins etc,.

Each box is laser engraved one-at-a-time for a truly unique gift. You can add your gift recipients name and your name to the box (see instructions) for no additional charge.

Measures: 6.25" X 7.75"

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Burl Wood Watch Keepsake Box For Up To 12 Watches


The perfect gift for the man or woman who likes to keep all of their watches in one place. 12 slots for 12 of your favorite timepieces. Made from elegant burlwood with a luxurious piano finish. Perfect gift for a watch collector, corporate gift, anniversary gift or executive gift. The box is extremely well made and will certainly satisfy even the most discriminating of tastes. It even has a lock and key to keep all of your fine pieces safe!We love this for the watch collector or timepiece aficionado. Watches not included Materials: BurlWood, Tempered Glass

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We also have a wide variety of other keepsake boxes click here to be taken to the wood keepsake box page

Dark Burlwood Gloss Finish 2 -Turntable Watch Winder at One Passion Place


Watch winders are here at One Passion Place.

Here are some of our great watches

What is a Watch Winder and Why and When Do I Need to Use One? Watch winders are mechanical devices that keep an automatic or self-winding watch operating smoothly. Certain types of timepieces do not need to be wound by turning a dial because they wind themselves when they are strapped to an arm that is swinging and twisting all day long. Winders are able to simulate that natural motion for those who don't wear their watch everyday.

The internal parts of automatic watches are designed to follow the pull of gravity. They don't have gears that must be wound with a spring, but instead, their tiny weights get pulled by gravity as the wearer moves and swings his arm. Little by little, these weights are twisting around both clockwise and counter-clockwise, until the watch is wound up. This type is considered automatic or self-winding, as opposed to quartz, kinetic, or mechanical watches.

People who own fancy, collectible, beloved, or merely sufficient self-winding watches may want to invest in a winder. Not only do these devices keep the timepiece accurate even when it's not being worn, they probably extend its overall life by keeping parts lubricated and moving. By advancing the mainspring, it gently and continually winds the watch, yet prevents it from ever being "overwound." Another mechanism inside most watches will disengage after the gears have been fully powered.

Dark Burlwood Piano Finish 2-Turntable Watch Winder W: 9. L: 14 H: 10.25 In.

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