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Dodinsky-New York Times Best Selling Book - In The Garden of Thoughts


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DODINSKY is the author of the New York Times bestseller, In The Garden of Thoughts, which has also been published in Brazil, Germany, South Korea, Argentina, Mexico and China. His intent was simply to share his reflections about life in order to help heal the wounds inflicted by life's troubles. At the time, the man known by his readers as Dodinsky had no idea that within months of starting his blog In The Garden of Thoughts, thousands of readers would find healing through the modest words he planted. "I was humbled to see that in my own little way, I was affecting the lives of others," says Dodinsky of the appreciative emails that quickly flooded his inbox. "One reader named Robin wrote, 'If only my son [had] read your works, he would still be alive today.' Robin's son had taken his own life. Like so many others, she became a loyal reader and champion of spreading his work." It is clear from the moment one lands on "In The Garden of Thoughts" that there are many out there like Robin. The focus of Dodinsky's short writings--love, compassion, growth, tolerance, and self-worth--clearly resonate with his readers, whom Dodinsky calls "gardeners." His page has become a community in which people from all walks of life share their own stories. "I truly believe that within us, there is a Garden of Thought in which we can find solace whenever we are going through a storm. The response to my work shows that there are many on the same path. Each of us needs words that bring comfort, and an understanding that one is not alone when facing adversity." Today Dodinsky's intent, like the man himself, has blossomed: he'd like to be able to give his "gardeners" the gift book they often request.

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Length: 6.5 in Width: 6.5 in Weight: 9.52 oz Page Count: 64 pages

Why Orange is the New Black is My New Favorite Show


It draws you in and you feel compelled to watch it show after show. We gobbled it up like a binge eater goes through a bag of Oreo's - one after the other, on and on until it was all over. That is exactly how it went down the day we found Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Created by Jenji Kohan, the show is based on a true story that reveals itself in dramatic and comedic excellence taking its influence from the book "Orange Is the New Black" by Piper Kerman. Lucky for us we had the whole day free so Mike and I binge fed ourselves on OITNB all day long. Taking only the occasional bathroom breaks and getting refills on sustaining food to help get us through. We love how the show weaves the back story of each character, so you come to understand how each one ended up in prison. You become attached to them and the actors do such a wonderful job you begin to feel the emotion of their plight. Whether self induced or not, they still ended up in prison, and you, as the viewer "feel it" too. All of the actors go deep into their characters. You forget for example that Laura Prepon, who plays Alex, was the character Donna Pinciotti on That 70's Show and that Kate Mulgrew, who plays "Red" on #OITNB, not only was in Ryan's Hope as Mary Ryan (which i watched in my late teens/early twenties) but she also was on Star Trek Voyager as Captain Kathryn Janeway! And who can forget, Pablo Schreiber. OMG -all I can say is, if I wasn't already married....whoa! Great actor and a great pornstache! So, if you haven't already taken the plunge into Netflix original series - "Orange is the New Black" you simply must give it a whirl. Just make sure you have enough food and water to get you through the binge watch that is about to ensue. Can not wait for season 2!

Article by Arlene Brown - you can find me hiding out on twitter at @heartsfolly or email me [email protected]

Mrs. Brown is a self professed/proclaimed Movie critic, Television Critic, Critic of other Critics, Vegan and Dog Lover. A highly decorated decorator of her own home and author of important stuff, oh and an insomniac which explains long rants and futuristic sightings of things in the future.

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