Valentine's Day Has Gone To The Dogs (and Cats)
Our Gift From Stings' "The Last Ship"

Quote from River Story


"You know, when I came to the river I thought I’d be an Ophelia type. Wispy, light, floating in the river. I’ve always loved Ophelia. I studied paintings and renderings of her throughout history. But you said it best ‘the water shows people how they are’ …and I’m so grateful for that. Because when I sank into those waters I didn’t feel light or wispy. I didn’t feel like Ophelia. I felt powerful. When you turned the photos to me and said I looked like a medicine woman, I was taken aback at first. And then… I thought that’s who I am. I’m not wispy. I’m not airy. I’m not simple. I’m not soft. I’ve wanted (so wanted) to be those things. I’ve wanted to be the light one, the small one, the simple one, the sweet one. Last night I learned (or perhaps was reminded) that I am none of those things. I am powerful. Last night taught me that being powerful is not something I should apologize for. It’s something I should be proud of. And it’s not something that’s ugly or that I have to hide. It’s something no other person can give me or take away. It’s in my bones. It’s how I was created. And, it’s something beautiful.” - Micaela

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