Rose Color and Their Meanings
Nikki Lissoni Freshwater Pearls Bracelet and Can Also Be Worn as a Necklace!

Real Roses Message in a Bottle Gift From


We are so happy to have a grower right here in the USA who provides to us real rose petals for our message in a bottle gift. What makes these rose petals so unique is that they have been freeze dried. What does that mean for you? It means that these rose petals will last a very long time inside the bottle and keep their color. In fact the very first prototype we made of our sentimental message in a bottle gift almost 16 years ago, still is as beautiful as the day we designed it. The rose petals remain the same color and it looks amazing!

Since that very first prototype things have certainly changed. We have expanded the line to include bottles that can also have sand and sea shells instead. And we took it one step farther and we can engrave our message in a bottle gifts to further customize your special gift. We have message in a bottle gifts that come with treasure chests, keepsakes boxes or on their own as a stand alone piece. Take a look at our full line of message in a bottle gifts by clicking here

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