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Tattooed Steel Fashion Cuff Bracelet - Dreams


It is a wearable work of art! This amazing cuff bracelet from Tattooed Steel is entitled - Dreams. Isn’t this one of the most creative bracelets you have ever seen? This particular bracelet has soft hues of blue, yellow, and black against the brushed steel background and the surface coating is ink!We LOVE the artwork and attention to detail on these pieces. How are they made? The process starts with the artist and their own expression. By giving the artist the high tech tools and new technology it enables them to channel their creativity into these stunning pieces. We use only premium grade stainless steel. These artist designed jewelry pieces are then branded into a high grade metal surface. Each piece is hand-polished and inspected to meet our signature requirements by a metal specialist. They will not fade, crack, chip or rust. An amazing wearable work of art!

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