Excerpt From The Robin Williams Movie - "Jack." More Poignant than ever.
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Message in a Bottle - Le' Romantique Edition. New at onepassionplace.com


This romantic and sentimental gift will long be remembered long after your gift recipient receives their Le Romantique Message in a Bottle. What makes our Sentimental Messages Gift Bottles so unique is that each gift is made to order and no two are alike. This particular bottles intricate design is eye catching and certainly will look wonderful as a stand alone piece or keepsake in any room of the house. For the parchment scroll that goes inside the bottle you have several options. First you can write your own message using the "special comments" section at final checkout. Or, you can choose from one of our stock messages. See our selection here-->View Our Stock Messages. Your poem or letter will be printed on archival quality parchment paper and hand rolled into a scroll, sealed and placed in the bottle. This is truly a spectacular gift and one your gift recipient will cherish forever. Optional solid pewter Key To My Heart keepsake available.Bottle is approximately 12 ΒΌ" tall and is made from glass. Arrives Boxed.

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