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Quote of the day - And YES! We Love This One Too!

There is a Limitless Supply of Love Always At Our Disposal


"There is a Limitless Supply of Love Always At Our Disposal" - This quote from James Van Praagh got me thinking...while I do believe that the quote is true it isn’t what everyone experiences. I think it is about learning to love yourself as you are for who you are at this very moment in time. And most importantly forgiving yourself for words or actions in the past. And forgiving others. If you do so, the past can no longer define you, but if you let it, it will constantly remind you. There are people and moments in time that you must let go. And that is OK. It doesn’t mean you don’t love them it just means that you are on like two different frequencies. For example, you are on 98.6 FM and the Other person is on 101.1 FM. You're both living and doing your best you just aren’t on the same station. And that HAS to be OK at some point in our lives or we will forever ask why. And sometimes why is not for us to know.

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