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Feel The Love This Valentines Day

What Do You Want This Valentines Day? You wont believe what they said...


Yesterday, we posed that question to a few of our friends and clients. Of course we got the usual, roses, cards etc. But amazingly many of the men and women we talked to just wanted to have their partner tell them, in some small yet sentimental way, what that person meant to them. And that is important. Our day to day lives are getting more and more hectic. Tech is great, but LOVE isn’t automated. Lets face it, you know your partner better than anyone. It could be a loving note tucked in his briefcase, or a flower on the pillowcase or a romantic dinner. "Small things mean alot" they said and we agree. Strange, coming from a gift retailer! But it is true. Of course a gift is a wonderful thing! But, it is also important to remember that sometimes "the little things" are priceless. Need some more examples? A kind gesture... an extra special hug... a loving kiss. If there is past pain or anger in the relationship, let it go. Let this Valentines Day be a new beginning. Let your partner know you are working on forgiveness. Lugging around pain and resentment is far harder on you then it is on them. It can be all consuming. One of my favorite quotes is from The #Buddha "Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." That is true. Do your best to mend a broken heart. Love is all around you. Embrace it. Face it. Share it.

And if your partner tends to "forget" or is anti-valentines day, I don't see anything wrong with a gentle "reminder". We arent robots. We arent mind-readers. Sometimes the only way to Receive what we need is to Ask. A little imagination and a little effort goes a long way

So we say to you this Valentines Day...

Ask...Believe ... and Receive.

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