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Valentines Day Treasured Rose Message in a Bottle Gift


Exclusively ours, this romantic and beautiful gift will be remembered long after your gift recipient receives their Treasured Rose© Edition Sentimental Messages Gift Bottle and Treasure Chest. Each bottle is engraved one at a time with the Heart Motif as shown above. The treasure chest is made of wood and has the story of The Treasured Rose engraved on an insert which is placed on the inside lid of the box. This chest and its sentimental components are sure to warm the heart and please even the most discriminating of tastes.

This Valentines Day gift is beautiful, sentimental and will be a special gift she will always remember!

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Show The Love To Your Police Officer or First Responder This Valentines Day

Police officer giftsPoliceopen-l

Where can you purchase Valentines Day Gifts For Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and First Responders? Why, of course. We have the perfect gift for your hero! Click here to see our Law Enforcement/First Responder Gifts. Not only do we carry Police Officer Gifts, Firefighter Gifts, Gifts for Special Agents we also carry gifts for medical first responders too!


First responders risk their lives everyday, lets not forget them this Valentines Day!

Check out our EMS Keepsake Coin, we love this gift. Perfect size for your gift recipient to keep with them in their pocket, purse or briefcase.


We adore this personalized Law Enforcement Code of ethics keepsake box. It allows the client to personalize the gift with a special message inside the box. Something only known between the two of you. Great for a married couple who may be apart this Valentines Day or for the long distance #relationship #valentines day gift you have been searching for. Keep in mind that military police would also enjoy this piece.


Firefighters and First Responders are shown the love with this Firesfighters Message in a Bottle and also available is our Firefighters keepsake box. We love the sleek look and feel to this engraved gift. And lets not forget the full line of challenge coins. Great for military personnel as well as nurses, doctors and veterans.

All of our professional and law enforcement gifts can be found by clicking here


If your looking for a gift for someone who loves aviation or sailing, check out our compass and globe gifts. All of our compass gifts can be personalized for free.

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The History of Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day originated in the 3rd century. St. Valentine was a priest in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor was having trouble recruiting members for his army because the men did not want to leave their wives and children for the long military expeditions. Some of these expeditions would last for months and even years. Emperor Claudius then decided that banning marriages in Rome would solve "his" problem. The Emperor Claudius had St. Valentine sentenced to death for defying his order and marrying couples in secret! As St. Valentine awaited execution, his admirers would come to the jail and leaving notes of support and flowers. As luck would have it, his most ardent admirer turned out to be the daughter of a prison guard. She would visit him for hours a day . On the day of his execution, February 14 in the year 269 AD, St. Valentine wrote her a note expressing his gratitude for her love, support, and friendship and signed it "Love from our Valentine". As it turned, out, the festival of Lupercalia (an ode to the god of fertility and a celebration of sensual pleasure) followed close after St. Valentine was executed. During the festival, boys would draw the names of girls and they would pair up for the games and festivities. The name Valentine was linked to this romantic festival.In 496, Pope Gelasius set aside the date of February 14 to honor Valentine as a saint.

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Where Can I Find Great Valentines Day Gifts - Right Here! At of Course!


Where Can You Find The Best Valentines Day Gifts For 2014? Right Here! We have it all. A great selection, fast shipping and an amazing customer service crew just waiting to help you pick "just the right thing." I can't believe that it has been 16 years since we began our internet gift business. Along the way we have met some wonderful customers. Some who have gone on to become close friends. We LOVE that we can be of help to our clients and guests. Especially on Valentines Day. Our selection of Valentines Day Gifts is amazing this year. We have added jewelry gifts, new watch gifts for him and watches for her. And we have added some very creative gifts too! Like our new Valet Box that doubles as a jewelry box or keepsake box. Also check out our new Sentimental Forever Rose Keepsake Gifts. These roses are actually real preserved roses that have been lacquered and then trimmed in 24 karat gold. We even have engraved silver roses too! Also new this year is our Treasured Love Message in a Bottle Edition With Treasure Chest. Amazing detail goes into each and every chest. We love the real wood and leather used in this piece. Arrives with your message in a bottle gift, a pewter key to my heart keepsake and Five Metal Pirate Doubloon pieces. Actual replicas of real pirate coins. This treasure chest gift is a personal favorite of mine.

What about a unique watch gift for #him or #her this year. We have all the top brands. Steinhausen, moog, Hamlin Portrait, Swiss Eagle and Charles Hubert.

Remember you can always find us on twitter @heartsfolly. Facebook too! 815 609 9550 is our phone number and email us at [email protected]

Key To My Heart Gifts - Perfect Gift For Valentines Day


At a loss at what to get #her this year for Valentines Day? Check these out. She will adore these victorian replica gate keys. Over 8 styles to choose from! Our favorite? The Key To My Heart of course! These fine lead free pewter reproductions of 19th century Victorian gate keys are reminiscent of a simpler, romantic age when these keys opened the gates to beautiful Victorian gardens and homes. Today these timeless keepsakes unlock wishes, desires or warm sentiments. These unique keepsakes can be given for any occasion but are especially welcomed during special celebrations like Anniversaries, Weddings, Showers, Graduation, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Sweetest Day or "Just Because". Choose from over 8 styles! Including Key to my Heart! A perfect item to collect or exchange between friends or loved ones. Each key is approximately 4 ½" - 4 ¾" long and arrives in a red velvet jewelers bag.

Here is a link to our full site we have a wide variety of gifts to choose from for Valentines Day!

Its Time For Our Annual Valentines Day Giveaway!


No purchase is necessary! Just send us an email telling us about your most sentimental or romantic Valentines Day moment and you are entered! Perhaps you got engaged or were left a special gift by a "Secret Admirer, we would love to read all about it!" And it does not have to be just a romantic story, although we love those! It could be that you sent some Valentines Day cards to people you knew were alone on that day or someone who lost a loved one. We want to hear from you!

The prize? It is the item you see above. Our musical wood jewelry box! And inside we have placed a very special surprise!


Its our sterling silver and genuine Garnet earrings.

We are so excited about this special gift and even more excited to hear your special Valentines Day story!

Here is how to enter. Simply tell us your favorite Valentines day moment in 500 words or less and email it to us at [email protected] in the subject field of the email it is important that you put VALENTINES DAY GIVEAWAY ENTRY

No Purchase is necessary. Open to all United States residents and the US Territories. You must be 18 years old or older to enter and this contest is VOID where it is prohibited by law

Winner will be chosen at random on February 4, 2014. You have until midnight February 3, 2014 central standard time to enter. There is absolubtly no charge for this item, you do not have to purchase anything and there is no charge for the ground shipping to get the package to you. Package can only be sent to a USA address, its territories or US Military APO/FPO/DPO addresses

Good Luck to you and spread the word! Again send all entries to [email protected] and in the subject field it is very important to type Valentines Day Giveaway Entry

One Passion Place #Valentines Day Giveaway, Enter Today!

Winner to be announced on this blog and on Facebook on 2/4/2014. Please include your name and phone number on your entry. The winning story will be posted on our blog and on Facebook. We take our clients and guests privacy very seriously and we will not use your email address for any purpose other than to notify you if you won and contest information. Your email and name will not be sold or used on any list. This gift is our way of "giving back". And when we publish your story it will be up to you on whether you would like your name included. Please remember, the story must be your own in your own words and an actual event that happened.

Good Luck!!!!

You can find us on twitter @heartsfolly on Facebook too.

Jewelry shown in the wood jewelry box image above is for illustration purposes only and is not included in the giveaway. The genuine sterling silver and Garnet earrings shown in this blog post is included as an extra surprise! Please share this and tell all your friends. Happy Valentines Day!!!

Dark Burlwood Gloss Finish 2 -Turntable Watch Winder at One Passion Place


Watch winders are here at One Passion Place.

Here are some of our great watches

What is a Watch Winder and Why and When Do I Need to Use One? Watch winders are mechanical devices that keep an automatic or self-winding watch operating smoothly. Certain types of timepieces do not need to be wound by turning a dial because they wind themselves when they are strapped to an arm that is swinging and twisting all day long. Winders are able to simulate that natural motion for those who don't wear their watch everyday.

The internal parts of automatic watches are designed to follow the pull of gravity. They don't have gears that must be wound with a spring, but instead, their tiny weights get pulled by gravity as the wearer moves and swings his arm. Little by little, these weights are twisting around both clockwise and counter-clockwise, until the watch is wound up. This type is considered automatic or self-winding, as opposed to quartz, kinetic, or mechanical watches.

People who own fancy, collectible, beloved, or merely sufficient self-winding watches may want to invest in a winder. Not only do these devices keep the timepiece accurate even when it's not being worn, they probably extend its overall life by keeping parts lubricated and moving. By advancing the mainspring, it gently and continually winds the watch, yet prevents it from ever being "overwound." Another mechanism inside most watches will disengage after the gears have been fully powered.

Dark Burlwood Piano Finish 2-Turntable Watch Winder W: 9. L: 14 H: 10.25 In.

Questions? call us at 815 609 9550. email at [email protected]

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Unconditional Love - The Greatest Gift Of All


As we head into the season of LOVE let us remember the little things we can do for another that do not cost anything. You can not put a price on a hug, a kiss or a touch. It is easy to get caught up in the joy of gift giving, and of course that is amazing too, However, no one can purchase Unconditional Love. We see this in our everyday lives. In the people that surround us, in the children that we raise. With our pets and with nature.

Remember this Valentines Day that some things have no price. They can not be bought. They can only be given and shared. As you decide what to send your true love this Valentines Day do not forget the other people and furry creatures that also surround you. A hug, a sweet note tucked in his briefcase or even a phone call to an old friend on February 14 may just make their day. Valentines Day isnt just for lovers it is for everyone. Make a point to touch someones life on this special day of #Love. Perhaps it will be the only #Valentine they receive. Perhaps you will make all the difference for them and it will only take a moment.

Happy Valentines Day from all of us at and

Capture Her Heart This Valentines Day With Real Roses That Have Been Preserved


Women LOVE flowers, especially roses. And roses are a beautiful way to say I love you. Eventually they wilt and are thrown away.


But what if there was a way to send her a real rose that will last forever? We have them! And they are our Sentimental Messages Forever Roses. Each one has been preserved...forever! Offered in a variety of colors and arrangements our Forever #Roses are trimmed in real 24K Gold (NOT gold plated) and will arrive in a gift box befitting its beauty. You can even choose to upgrade the gift box to our wood keepsake box and have her name engraved onto our brass plate at no additional charge. #Valentines Day is an important time in a couples life. You exchange sweet gifts between the two of you. Each year a new gift a new idea...something to always remember. And now she can not only always remember this gift she will have it forever too! And do not forget to take a look at our rose that has been not only preserved but the entire rose is dipped into 24K gold. This is an amazing piece.

We also offer a silver plated rose with either a red bud or a silver bud. While the silver roses are not preserved real roses they make a wonderful #gift and can also be engraved

You will want to order early for these special roses...they go quickly. Reserve yours now

You can always get in touch with us for more information at 815 609 9550 or email us at [email protected] on Twitter we are @heartsfolly and we are on Facebook too!

Looking For Some Unique Jewelry and Gifts? We Have Them at One Passion Place!


All the creative styles in men’s and women’s fashion jewelry you desire are here at One Passion Place. Check out our Valentines Day gift ideas including some brand new gifts from moog, Chisel, Steinhausen, Jacqueline Kennedy Collection and so much more. Watches can be found by clicking here, while men’s jewelry and women’s new jewelry pieces are found on our gift page for Valentines Day and our gifts for #her and gifts for #him page. Take a moment to view our new pieces and then let us know if you have any questions or perhaps if there is a certain style of watch or other accessory you are looking for.

While there is a lot to consider when purchasing a #gift, you know your partner better than anyone. However if you need some special ideas please feel free to contact us. We can be reached at [email protected] - 815 609 9550 - on Twitter we are @heartsfolly and Facebook too