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Why Sweetest Day is One Holiday You Should Not Forget-And Its Not What You Think


Everyone knows that Sweetest Day is the 3rd Saturday in October, especially if you are from the Midwest. But perhaps there are those of you who do not know how it started and why.

Here's the story behind this special day

It began over 60 years ago during the depression years. A gentleman in Ohio began giving small tokens of friendship to the homeless, the orphans and others who needed a bit of kindness to help make it through a very turbulent time. Over the years Sweetest Day has evolved into a romantic holiday where lovers exchange cards and tokens of affection.

So there you have it, Sweetest day evolved from the truest of intentions and is not just another "greeting card holiday." How will you celebrate Sweetest Day this year? I enjoy giving my husband Sweetest day gifts but I also send a little note and a special gift to my daughter and close friends as well. In other words-it doesn't just have to be for your "Sweetheart" it is for all those who touch your heart.

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