Society of Medalists Coins and Art - Issue 122 "Creation" Copper Coin
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The Staircase A Romantic and Intriging Love Keepsake Coin, A Work of Art


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The Staircase…an intriguing medal creation by Michael Mezaros, captures the anticipation and excitement of a first meeting, or the measured joy of one long-anticipated. This medal examines the delicate emotions and balance of two humans coming together, the warm embrace, the release of joy.  The reverse gives us a view from above the spiral staircase where we realize that this joyous touching and reunion is secured within the circumference of the Circle of Life. From the outset, Michael’s medals focused on explorations of feelings and insights.  An entire series in this genre was produced by the Royal Australian Mint. Perfect for long distance relationships, military families that are separated by deployment, anniversary gift, wedding gift or "just because". This beautiful medal—Staircase—was first struck in 1991, by Medallic Art Company. All medals in the series of the Society of Medalists have been struck by Medallic Art Company, America’s oldest and largest private mint. Mr. Mezaros’ career started at age 13 with a portrait medallion of his father. He graduated as an architect from the University of Melbourne, and in 1969 won a Churchill Fellowship to study medallion art at the Mint of Rome.  He has produced 23 major commissions, and hundreds of medallions, large reliefs, portraits, trophies, fountains and personal sculptures.