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From The Jackie Kennedy Collection - Castellani Bracelet


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As a world traveler and sophisticated patron of arts and crafts, Jackie Kennedy knew of the Castellani Bracelet and always wanted one, well her wish came true, and you can have a replica too! Originally made in 1870, The Castellani Bracelet was created at the direction of British Lord Layard by Augusto Castellani in Milan for Layard’s wife. Castellani was one of the greatest jewelry designers of Europe and created a saying that became the ultimate symbol of love and devotion. Red epoxy enamel and highly polished letters spell out in Latin, "NON RELINQUAM" - "I will never give up on you" on one side of this elegant bracelet, and "NON RELINQUES" - "You will not give up on me" on the other side.The perfect I Love You gift, Anniversary Gift, Wedding Gift or "just because".