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Sweetest Day Gifts - October 15, 2011

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For those that didn’t grow up in the Midwest and aren’t that familiar with Sweetest Day, it began over 60 years ago during the depression years. A gentleman in Ohio began giving small tokens of friendship to the homeless, the orphans and others who needed a bit of kindness to help make it through a very turbulent time.

Over the years Sweetest Day has evolved into a romantic holiday where lovers exchange cards and tokens of affection. Sweetest Day is always celebrated the 3rd Saturday in October. (Make sure you check out all of out Sweetest Day Gift choices)

What other things can I do besides buy a gift on Sweetest Day?

With Sweetest Day you are given a blank canvas with which to design a beautiful day together. Maybe you will go for a walk in the park and picnic there with warm blankets (it gets cold here in the Midwest by October!) Cuddling in a blanket while having a romantic picnic is always fun! Or perhaps dinner out, and then an evening at home with the lights out and the candles on!

When is Sweetest Day this year? Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sweetest Day Gifts are always more special from One Passion Place!


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