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Legend Of The Blue Rose With Our New Upgraded Case!


In the Victorian Era people who desired to communicate or send a secret message used the "Language of Flowers" to express their feelings. There were times, due to various circumstances,that ones true feelings could not be openly expressed. So people of this era devised a way to arrange flowers in a certain way or choose a specific color to reveal these thoughts and feelings secretly. Red roses meant love and romance. White meant purity, innocence, sympathy and spirituality and so on. However the rarest of the rare is the elusive Blue Rose. The Blue Rose signifies mystery, intrigue and the obtaining of love that might, at times, seem to have numerous obstacles to overcome.

Our new Blue Rose Chest and Message Bottle is the perfect gift to send whether you are in a new relationship or one that is already established. Perhaps distance or circumstance separates you from a loved one.

It is for these reasons and more that we have chosen The Legend Of The Blue Rose Gift Chest as our 2011 Limited Edition Sentimental Messages Treasure Chest and Bottle. Read the entire Legend (see left) Also included is our Victorian era solid pewter Key to My Heart, copy of the story of The Blue Rose and a long stem silk Blue Rose.

In addition our master engravers have etched the story of the Blue Rose onto a custom plate that fits into the inside lid of the case. Every time your gift recipient opens the case they will be reminded of this very special story.

An instant heirloom!


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