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Valentines Day Gifts 2011

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Valentines Day Gifts to APO and FPO Military Addresses

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Valentines Day Gifts and Valentine's Day Gifts to APO and FPO Military addresses.

It is almost 6 weeks until Valentine’s Day. I can’t believe it. It seems like yesterday we were all celebrating the holidays in December. Valentine’s Day is our busiest season. We absolutely love Valentines Day here at it is a chance for lovers and friends everywhere to show and express their love. We put a lot of thought into new and exciting romantic gifts and loving presents for this special time of year. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what religion you practice and believe in, what kind of car you drive etc., everyone celebrates Valentines Day in one form or the other. What is this day about anyway? Many years ago I set off to find out all about the holiday and here is what I found:

Valentine's Day is celebrated yearly on February 14. Secret admirers, partners, lovers and the like send delicious Valentines Day gifts of love and desire to their most cherished. Sometimes innocent notes of friendship are exchanged between friends and family. It is a day for all to show the people that they love and cherish that they are remembered and cared about.

What is the history of Valentines Day?

Valentine’s Day originated in the 3rd century. St. Valentine was a priest in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor was having trouble recruiting members for his army because the men did not want to leave their wives and children for the long military expeditions. Some of these expeditions would last for months and even years. Emperor Claudius then decided that banning marriages in Rome would solve "his" problem. The Emperor Claudius had St. Valentine sentenced to death for defying his order and marrying couples in secret!

As St. Valentine awaited execution, his admirers would come to the jail and leaving notes of support and flowers. As luck would have it, his most ardent admirer turned out to be the daughter of a prison guard. She would visit him for hours a day . On the day of his execution, February 14 in the year 269 AD, St. Valentine wrote her a note expressing his gratitude for her love, support, and friendship and signed it "Love from our Valentine".

As it turned, out, the festival of Lupercalia (an ode to the god of fertility and a celebration of sensual pleasure) followed close after St. Valentine was executed. During the festival, boys would draw the names of girls and they would pair up for the games and festivities. The name Valentine was linked to this romantic festival. In 496, Pope Gelasius set aside the date of February 14 to honor Valentine as a saint.

Valentines Day Fun Facts:

  • It is believed that the "valentine" is the first ever greeting card.
  • The first mass produced valentines were made in the 1840's by Esther Howland.
  • 1 Billion valentines day cards are sent each year.*
  • Valentine's Day is the second largest card sending and receiving day during the year.*
  • Valentines Day is celebrated in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and also Australia.
  • *The Greeting Card Association

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