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Are Men Singular Task Oriented Creatures

Well if you ask me I would most assuredly say YES! This came to me while writing another article to be posted later in the month. A bit more about this phenomenon later. But it occurred to me that there isn’t really a whole lot out there in the blogisphere about purchasing gifts but from the male perspective. I think most men are like me, they really truly want to remember all of the gift giving occasions required of us and I don’t mean that as blunt as that sounds but think of this from the male perspective, we are single task oriented! We are set on project ”A” lets say and then we have a hard time multi tasking until we complete project A. Whereas the female brain I think is set up to multi task much better then us men. I am the first to admit it too. My wife can spin 18 plates, while making dinner, calling a vendor for pricing and using her right foot to change the toner cartridge in the printer (just kidding on the foot part). But it is true that men, for the most part, are singular task oriented species. So for the guys out there who consistently forget those special days like your wedding anniversary, birthdays and most holidays if they weren’t repeated to us over and over via every commercial medium, I say take control of this portion of your life as it is really important to remember and acknowledge the person who shares your life.

I am Mike Brown and I approve this blog post : )

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At One Passion Place we carry a wide and diverse selection of Key To My Heart Gifts. While it is impossible to carry every Key To My Heart gift item available these days from an abundant array of manufacturers, we believe we have picked the “best of the best” for our clientele. And at just about every price point too!

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Marriage Proposal Ideas


Looking for something unique and sentimental for a Marriage Proposal idea? Consider two of our best sellers. Our Silver Plated or Gold Plated Fortune Cookie. Perfect size to sneak the ring in to and then add a special fortune that you can create right on the web site. Or take a look at our Sentimental Messages line of gift bottles. We have had numerous “Yes's” after our clients have used our gift bottles as a way to propose! And while we can't guarantee a YES every time it certainly is a unique way to propose. You can write your own message or choose one of ours. Then present it to your significant other and watch their reaction as they open one of our treasure chests and read the message inside the bottle!

Modern Anniversary Table and Traditional Anniversary Table


One of the many things we are proud of here at is offering our clients information about gifts and their categories, classifications, uses and meanings. Especially as it pertains to Anniversary Gifts. We have both the Modern and Traditional Anniversary Gift tables listed here on the gift gab blog for easy reference. In addition, we have a page dedicated strictly to Anniversary Gifts and a second page that is dedicated solely to Wood Anniversary Gifts. In fact, Wood Anniversary gifts has always been a very popular category. Click here to be taken to our Anniversary Gift page and click here to be taken to our Wood Gift page. Shopping with is easy! Simply order online using our secure shopping cart, or contact phone sales at 1-800-747-8304. email support is available 24/7 at [email protected].

What Is Sweetest Day - October 18 2008


For people that didn’t grow up in the Midwest and aren’t that familiar with this special holiday, it began over 60 years ago during the depression years. A gentleman in Ohio began giving small tokens of friendship to the homeless, orphans and others who needed a bit of kindness to help make it through a turbulent time. Over the years Sweetest Day evolved into a romantic holiday where lovers’ exchange cards and tokens of affection. It is celebrated the third Saturday in October. This year it is October 18, 2008

What will you do on this day? Start planning something special now. Will you send a romantic gift? Prepare a romantic dinner? Buy balloons? Send a card? Make your Sweetest Day so special that your partner will remember it forever? As we have pointed out in other articles on this site you don't have to spend a fortune to show someone you care. Sometimes "less is more" when it comes to romance. With Sweetest Day you are given a blank canvas with which to design a beautiful day together. Maybe you will go for a walk in the park and picnic there with warm blankets (it gets cold here in the Midwest by October!) Cuddling in a blanket while having a romantic picnic is always fun! Or perhaps dinner out, and then an evening at home with the lights out and the candles on! You could send a romantic gift along with an invitation to a Sweetest Day Bubble Bath that evening when your lover gets home. Whatever you decide, cherish your time with the one you love. Don't forget the other 364 days either! Visit us at

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Finding Love On The Internet - Long Distance Relationship Gift

We invite all of our customers who have found love on the internet to email us their stories for possible inclusion in an article we are writing on Long Distance Relationships. Send your stories to [email protected]. If we choose your story we will contact you. Please limit your wording to 2000 characters including spaces. PLEASE type Long Distance Love in the subject field.

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Keeping Your Relationship Fresh


I remember when I first saw my wife Arlene. We were at a bar and I had just sat down. Across from me sat a woman laughing up a storm with her friends. I inquired as to what was so funny and as she explained the female perspective of the male psyche. I became immediately enthralled at her candor and sense of humor. From that point on I wanted to know more. And I still do. We have great, and sometimes heated discussions on all kinds of topics. We always find something new to talk about and always make time for each other. While we are a very busy couple we have learned to pace ourselves and to make time for fun. I suppose sending romantic gifts has given me a few extra points in the romance column but it was never the gift but rather the meaning behind it that made it so special. She says the best gifts are the letters I have written to her over the years. Which gives credence to the fact that it doesn’t always take a romantic or sentimental "purchased gift" to show your love to your significant other. Make it a point today to write a small note and leave it in a place where she (or he) can find it. Just something special. Straight from the heart. You'll be surprised the reaction you will get. Then don't drop the ball. Do it on a regular basis. Your partner will love the fact that you took just a moment out of your day to remember them.

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