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January 2008

New Romantic Board Games Plus One From Us!

New romantic board games will be arriving in late February. We have something for everyone including a Wine Trivia Game, Wedding Game, Bridal Shower games and so much more. In addition I am pleased to announce that we will be launching our own Romantic Game in the early summer. Look for information about it as we get closer to releasing it.

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Sold Outs

We are currently sold out on the Key To My Heart Bangle Bracelet and the Crystal Heart Keychains. I do not expect them back in until after Valentine’s Day. For additional Valentine’s Day choices click here to see our entire Valentine’s Day collection.

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A Word About Products

I feel it is important to reiterate that all of the product descriptions and literary elements including poems, letters (with the exception of the Shakespeare’s Sonnet) and the product “look and feel” as it pertains to the items developed by us are copyrighted. This means that these items were developed by us for the exclusive use of our customers. While we are keenly aware that other companies view our blog and visit our site who share our genre, it is important to mention that a lot of time goes into creating the right mood and product feel when writing for online product descriptions and the “look and feel” of the products themselves. At this point we are going to ask politely that those companies that are viewing our products and descriptions and then changing them up a bit and using them as your own please stop. Be creative and write your own product portrait instead of using ours by simply changing it slightly and using it as your own.

Camelot Edition Is Back!

When we launched the Camelot Edition back in the early fall we really were happily surprised on how quickly it sold. Customers just loved the renaissance feel of this item. When we sold out on this great piece last week we thought we would be unable to bring the Camelot Edition back before Valentine's Day but we were able to bring it back online for purchase before Valentine's Day!! I only have a small quantity so order quickly if you want the Camelot Edition. Once these quantities are gone the Camelot edition will take on a whole new look for Spring 2008!

For our military clients shipping to APO or FPO addresses for Valentine's Day, please remember the last day we can take orders for APO/FPO addresses and have gifts arrive in time for Valentine's Day is February 1, 2008. After this time there are no guarantees it will arrive in time.

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Posting Schedule For Valentine's Day

We are lucky enough to have “Gift Gab Groupies” that we know visit our blog daily and we wanted everyone to be aware that with the exception of adding new items or sold outs there will be no additional postings until after Valentine’s Day so we can concentrate on getting all of the orders and held orders for Valentine’s Day sent out. As always my email “door” is always open so feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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