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December 2007

New Engraved Photo Vase Perfect For Valentines Day


Highlight both a beautiful photo and a beautiful flower arrangement with our dual purpose Glass Photo Vase. The rectangular vase is constructed of thick clear glass with an inset base to add interest. On the broad front of the glass vase is a protective insert for a special photo. Above the precious photo, you can choose a custom engraved line in a sophisticated block print. Our Glass Photo Vase makes an ideal gift for either a man or a woman. Create a one-of-a-kind gift by inserting a favorite photo and having a special sentiment engraved at the top of the vase. The vase can hold either real or dried flowers, or even office supplies, making it a great birthday gift, thank you gift or Valentine’s Day present.

Details: Size: Measures 6" high by 7 7/8" wide by 3 3/8 inches deep. Holds a 4" by 6 inch picture. Materials: Clear glass *Please Note: Hand blown glass may contain small bubbles.

Engraving Options: The Glass Photo Vase may be engraved with a custom line of your choice (max of 24 characters) at No Additional Cost.

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Valentines Day Gift Schedule

Happy Valentine's Day! We encourage you to order early and to take advantage of our "Do Not Open" until packaging. If you order in advance and would like us to place a "Do Not Open" sticker on the outer shipping box we would be happy to do that for you. We will not be holding any orders this year. This means it is first come first served and your order will ship shortly after you place it, normally within 1-2 business days. If you are ordering personalized jewelry or flutes there is typically a 3-5 business day processing time for these items. All message bottle orders will ship within 1-2 business days. Bottles with engraved treasure chests will take an additional day for processing.

What's new this year for Valentine's Day gift giving? First, mark your calendar, this year Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday, having said that it is important that you order in advance for all personalized gift choices. To avoid disappointment please do not wait until the last minute. The Friday before Valentines Day which is February 8th will be the last day we will accept any orders to be delivered on or before Valentine's Day. We expect to be very busy this year. There are many new items and regrouping of several departments on the web site. As for what is new, we will unveil our 2008 Valentine's Day Sentimental Message Gift Bottle line in the next week or so. Look for expanded venues on sentimental gift boxes, watch choices, keepsake boxes for our locket watches, engraving on the silver and gold plated fortune cookies, new jewelry pieces, wedding and anniversary candles, memory plaques, anniversary platters, sentimental bereavement items, locket bracelets and necklaces and so much more. A lot of time and planning went in to pick just the right mix of new products just for you! We know you will be pleased with all of the new sentimental and Valentines Day gift choices.

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All Sold Out Jewelry Is Back In Stock And New Additions

All sold out jewelry is back in stock along with some new styles just in time for Valentines Day! Click here to see some of the new styles. New rings, bracelets and necklaces that can be engraved will be arriving next week. As soon as they are available for purchase we will announce it right here on the gift gab. In addition we are pleased to announce the addition of (Its Romantic) to our all star web site line up. will have an emphasis on ideas for building and maintaining a successful relationship, recipes for romantic evenings, romantic gifts, honeymoon destinations and in depth Q and A Blog area to discuss topics that are important to you. Editor for to be announced shortly. This site will accept advertising from non-competing gift retailers and other merchants or companies that blend well with what we are focusing on. Expected time for launch for is spring 2008. We are very excited about this and all of the new items and changes for 2008. 2008 also marks our 10th year on the world wide web!

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New Product Announcements

We are excited to announce some new products arriving in early January. Look for our new Mazol Tov Wedding Keepsake, handmade by Fran Pearlman. Fran has her beautiful keepsakes in many specialty shops in the Chicago land area and we are pleased to finally bring her creative works to As mentioned before look for new sentimental jewelry pieces for Valentines Day and for weddings including exclusive designs only available here at New picture frames and albums will be available towards mid January. In addition our launch of our Valentines Day Sentimental Messages Gift Bottles will be unveiled shortly. As always it will be first come first serve on several pieces that are limited edition for 2008.

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No Postings Until After The New Year

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our past and present customers for helping to make this such a fruitful and joyous year for us. As mentioned before our office and support staff really came through for us and we appreciate each and every one of them. Forgot to mention Dion Wheeler in our last post. Every year through thick and thin he has been there for us. THANK YOU DION! It is also important to mention that we are no longer accepting any additional USPS Priority Mail orders for Christmas Delivery. In addition, UPS has notified us that they are no longer guaranteeing any ground service delivery by Christmas so it is important that you ship via 3day select or faster service. Our deadline for 2day air shipping is Tuesday 12/18/07. Orders received after Tuesday, even if you choose 2day or next day may not make it in time. Check the website at Shipping Info for updates and cut off times. No new postings will be made here on the gift gab until after the first of the year so we can concentrate on last minute holiday orders. And a pre Birthday "shout out" to our baby daughter Kristen, who is turning 18 at the end of the month! WOW! Time flies, it seems just yesterday I brought you home from the hospital! You are a delight...a true friend to all who know you an honest and sincere young woman with a kind heart and a loving soul. I am proud to be your Mother little one.

Have a very Happy Holiday and a safe and joyous New Year!

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Product Updates

We are sold out on the following items:
  • Sentimental Messages Sweet and Spicy Edition
  • Sentimental Messages Timeless Love Edition
  • Sentimental Messages TOP SECRET Edition
  • Sentimental Messages Celtic Love Edition
  • Gold Plated Fortune Cookies

    Gold plated fortune cookies will be back in stock shortly. The Sentimental Messages bottle editions listed above are sold out permanently.

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  • Cut Off Times

    For orders shipping 12/13, 12/14 and 12/17 it is strongly recommended that you choose 3day service or faster shipping. If you choose ground or priority mail, considering the volume going through USPS/UPS it may not get to you in time for Christmas. As it gets closer and closer to 12/24 expedited servce will be the only way your gift will reach its destination in time. Also please dont forget 12/15 is the cut off date for any personalized gift.

    Coming Soon - For Valentines Day 2008

    One of the new upgrades we will be featuring is engraving of the silver and gold plated fortune cookies. Engraving will be available up to 24 characters on the outside of the cookie. Also the Key to my Heart Silver Plated Keepsake box will have this new option. Coming soon are silver and gold rings that can be engraved on the inside of the ring band! I have had several emails regarding the jewelry that is sold out, wondering if it will be back in stock. Not until January 2008, but all of the items currently sold out will be back. With the edition of our new engraving machines there will be less processing time on most jewelry pieces. This will make Valentine’s Day much smoother. New Valentines Day gift choices will be available after the new year.

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    Special Thanks

    We are so grateful for the banner year we have been experiencing. We are truly blessed. We have grown in so many ways and are very humbled. By the same token we are so excited about 2008! It marks our 10th year in business and brings about many changes. Some you all are aware of and some new things we will announce in the near future. We also feel that there is no way we could have achieved this success without the help of the people that work with us. Casey, who came to us in our hour of need to work not only with the engraving machines but also chips in and helps pack and ship when needed. Also to Meghan who now fields our emails and voice mails. She has made my life so much easier. And a special mention to Dan. A man we met in the spring who has been such a great help with questions about the laser engraving machines we have. Vicki who has stepped up so many times to help us get our bottle orders together and anything else we ask of her. My brother who traveled a brutal storm to get here for Valentine’s Day only to suffer car problems but got it fixed and still came to help, only to help us with a pipe that burst from the frigid temperature and stayed up half the night helping us. And of course my wonderful family, without them none of this would be possbile. Thank you one and all for all your hard work.

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    Happy Birthday!

    Since this is a blog about love and loving gifts I find it a perfect forum to wish my wife a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She is a great mom, friend, confidant and hysterically funny. Who knew that 47 years ago on a cold December 11 that my soul mate would find her way into the world and then many years later find her way straight into my heart! Happy Birthday Arlene! Love, Mike

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