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Ok, so you have prepared the most romantic dinner ever created. You have paid special attention to every detail. You spent time and effort finding out what his favorite meal is and created it just to please him. You have placed fresh linen and flowers on the table. You have selected just the right mood music and mood lighting. Perhaps a few candles as accents. Knowing he loves chocolate covered strawberries you have those waiting for dessert with other delicious finger type desserts. Everything is great, you say “forget it” to clearing the table and doing the dishes. This night is just for the two of you. After dinner and a few sensual smiles you decide to head for the couch. After a while one thing leads to another and off to the bedroom you go. You both fall onto the bed and VIOLA!

Whoa! Wait…what about the bedroom? Did you consider doing something extra special just for your partner in this room as well? It is funny how sometimes people put so much time and effort into the first half of the night but forget to “dress” the bedroom as well. Consider taking that extra step and making the bedroom an extra special place on this romantic evening.

A few ideas…In advance purchase all of the things the two of you like. And perhaps a few new products to try. Your bedroom is like a blank canvass. Peel back the bedspread, and consider scattering silk rose petals across the bed. Make sure you have soft lighting. A romantic CD already in the stereo just waiting for you to press “play”. Purchase a sexy book on the Kama Sutra or on the “how to” of intimate massage. Place it on the night stand for easy access. Have special oils and massage creams available. (check out our Kama Sutra product page). We carry several Kama Sutra weekend kits. Small enough to be discreet and great if you are new to the product line. Don't forget to have bite sized decadent edible treats and your favorite beverage or wine waiting bedside just for the two of you (don’t forget the glasses!). Enjoy this evening make it an evening they will not forget.

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