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Pewter Gifts and Heartfelt Keepsakes


We at onepassionplace.com are delighted to bring to you really unique and beautiful gifts. We really think about each product before we put it on the web site. It has to blend well with our product mix and has to be something we believe our customers will find creative, unique and special. All of our pewter items are hand cast in the United States. Our Pewter Key To My Heart Keepsake has been a staple of our company since its inception many years ago. Handcrafted from solid lead free pewter the larger of the two keepsake keys makes a stunning gift. Great to keep in a special keepsake box or it can even be used as a paperweight. It really is too large to carry on a key chain, but we do have a smaller version that is perfect to use as a key chain and arrives with a stainless steel key ring attached.

Followyuheart1s Another new edition that has sold out 2 times since we brought them in not that long ago is the Pewter Pocket Compass. This is really a sweet gift. Especially if the person you are giving it to is away on business, serving in the military or perhaps if you are going through a rough time in your relationship. Arriving gift boxed, they feature a compass on one side, flip it over and etched into the heart is your choice of three different heartfelt sayings.


Also available are our pewter Sentimental Keepsake Rings. They are also hand cast and are lead free. Sentimental Keepsake Rings are versatile charms that can be worn as jewelry, stacked on key loops, or even kept in a pocket. They touch lives and the heart. Each Sentimental Keepsake Ring is made from solid lead free pewter and is about the size of a U.S. Quarter.

Visit onepassionplace.com to see all of our delightful gifts.


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