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Come On, Vogue?

The mega hit "Vogue" popularized by Madonna in the 1990’s takes us on a minds tour of ultimate attitude and the desire to look as good as you feel.

After being in a relationship for awhile I think we all have been guilty of letting some things go. Perhaps you don’t take that extra minute or two to put on makeup, curl your eyelashes, put on perfume. You stop wearing those sexy jeans and darn your college hoodie and sweat pants. It is great to feel comfortable with someone so much so that you can just be all dolled up and also be totally relaxed and wear “whatever”. But what if “whatever” becomes the norm and taking the time to take care of yourself goes on the back burner?

I must admit I am guilty of this all too common tragedy. I became so wrapped up in a rapidly growing business and just the day to day things that happen in a marriage and raising a child that I forgot about me. I now make sure I take time out of the day to do the little things that make me feel good. I try to exercise every day. Like it or not that translates to how others view me as well. I know I feel more confidant when I have styled my hair and put on makeup. Even if I am not going anywhere that day.

Recently I watched the movie "The Devil Wears Prada". In this movie the main character "Andrea Sacks" played by Anne Hathaway goes from wearing really frumpy every-day bin clothing to hip couture and learns a few things in process. But really, wearing better clothing isnt what the story is all about. Read on.

Landing a job that a million girls would die for, she begins working as the second assistant for the Editor of fictional “Runway Magazine”. The title of this movie “The Devil Wears Prada” is quite apropos. Her boss is quite difficult but knows her stuff. She is the ultra female cocktail on sterioids. A mixture of snob with a heaping helping of class and ultra confidence mixed with a bit of witch. It is important to mention that Andrea took this job because it would eventually lead to opening other doors for her real desire. Journalism. In the movie Andrea rises above the snickers and "water cooler" talk about the way she carries herself and her much less than couture clothing. After a bit of bumbling she learns her role in this crazy office and a bit about fashion. But fails to gain the respect of her ever-demanding boss and coworkers. Feeling sorry for herself, she ends up at another coworkers office; Nigel. Nigel reminds her that she hasn’t been doing all she can do. She comments on how hard the job is . He asks her if she wants him to feel sorry for her. Just then the light bulb goes on and Andrea knows what she has to do, and wants to do. She must not only know her job she must "act the part". Nigel and Andrea hit the magazines mega closet and beauty department. She returns to her desk with trimmed locks, full makeup, dressed in Channel boots and wearing other pieces of haute couture. By the end of the movie she realizes she can’t sacrifice who she is to be something she isn’t. She finds a happy medium and takes better care of the way she presents herself. She quits Runway and pursues her ultimate dream.

I think we can all find a “happy medium”. No, I don’t suggest you begin to wear Prada,Verchase and Dolce Gabanna (unless you want to) but what I do suggest is reminding yourself to schedule time just for you. No matter your size, age or status we all need to remind ourselves that taking care of yourself is very important. And that will have a trickle down effect on your relationships. Most of all do it for yourself. You are certainly worth it. Come on, Vogue!

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A Hearts Tour - The Taj Mahal


I was inspired recently by a television piece that talked about many of the treasures found all over the world. I was particularly moved when I heard the story of the Taj Mahal. How and why it was built and the meaning of the structure itself. I decided that it would be a great idea to take a “hearts tour” from time to time of some of the most romantic and sometimes romantically tragic places in the world. Today’s post is about the Taj Mahal, “the epitome of love” which stands majestically on the banks of river Yamuna in Agra, India.

Built in 1631-1648 it is considered one of the 8 wonders of the world. There probably isn’t a single structure known to man that has more romance built out of tragedy than The Taj Mahal. Some say it is an expression of a “dream”. What we do know is that it was created by Emperor Shah Jahan after the unexpected death of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, while giving birth to their 14th child. After her death he was inconsolable. However, his love for her was so great that he built the most beautiful mausoleum on Earth dedicated to her. It truly is a monument to love. It took over 22 years and over 20 thousand workers to complete the Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal is surrounded by a walled garden with a riverside courtyard mosque with the tomb of his wife at its center. Some say the first sight of the Taj Mahal leaves one mesmerized.

Certainly I wont have a “Taj Mahal” built for me when my time comes, but isn’t it wonderful to know that out of the incredible love that Shah Jahan felt for his wife, that the Taj Mahal stands today as a stunning testimonial to true love. And really isn’t that what it is all about? Finding true love? That one person. The one who no matter what you can count on. The one who wipes away your tears, brings you a cup of coffee when you are stumbling around in the morning trying to wake up, one who loves you for all of your faults as well as your triumphs. It isn’t always easy to find him/her. What is it they say…you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince. Very true. However I truly believe they do exist. These soul mates of ours. These true loves. It just might take a bit of time to find them. But when you do hold onto them. Treasure them. Forgive them their minuses and lift them up when they need a loving hand. True love exists.

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Romantic Books - Let The Experts Help You With Some Great Ideas For Your Relationship

Today’s post will highlight some old favorites and also some new romantic books that we love. They are fun, creative, well written and will certainly add new dimensions to your relationship. There are times in any relationship when things can get a little stagnant. Don’t let that happen to you. Take a moment to review some of the books highlighted here and consider purchasing one or two. I guarantee you will find some great ideas on how to spice things up with you and your partner.


The Best Romantic Ideas, By Mara Goodman-Davies

Achieving a more romantic relationship doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. It just requires a willing spirit and a heart full of love. Mara Goodman-Davies shows readers how to make romance any time with hundreds of surprises, secrets and seductions to keep the flame alight between you and your love. Includes:
• Quickies—little gestures that mean a lot • Gifts and toys—pure fun • Mini-adventures—ways to get away, just the two of you • Big adventure—pack your suitcases and see the world, or just sit back and be armchair travelers • Love stars—astrology insights that help you woo the one you love • Romantic magic—tricks and tips to spark a little mystery


10000 Ways To Say I Love You, By Gregory Godek

Say "I love you" again, and again, and again...This little book of love is the biggest collection of loving ideas ever gathered in one place. Express your true affection with secret love notes, perpetual bouquets, secluded picnics, outrageous gifts...and 9,996 more ways to say ""I love you!"


Your Relationship Report Card, By Gregory Godek

How do you rate your love life? You can't measure love, but you can get a handle on how your relationship is working with these easy, fun questions. How are you doing when it comes to the stuff that matters? Are you flunking listening skills, looking so-so on commitment, passing intimacy with flying colors? You and your partner can use the simple grading system in Your Relationship Report Card to check it out. You're on your way to an A+


1001 Ways To Be Romantic, By Gregory Godek

Witty observations about the state of romantic love --Stories of how other readers have been romantic. Of course, the core of the book centers around 1001 specific, creative, wacky and meaningful ways to express love, hundreds of which have been updated for the 21st century ("Romantic Resources on the Web," for example) There are hundreds and hundreds of ideas and resources for transforming your relationship into a vibrant, exciting love affair.


Do You Know Your Lover, By Pat Robinson

This fun pillow-talk tool provides a way for couples to explore all those juicy topics that don't come up in the course of everyday conversation.

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Sentimental Gifts


In this post we will be featuring some great sentimental gift ideas. When sending a gift from the heart consider a few things before making your purchase. Give careful consideration to what your gift recipient really loves. Does he or she enjoy flowers? Precious metals? Jewelry? If she loves jewelry, what is her birthstone? Do you want a gift that your recipient can display as a part of their home décor? Or are you considering sending something a bit more personal. Something they might want to keep in a drawer or special keepsake box perhaps. Is this gift for an anniversary, special occasion such as a birthday or “just because”?


Anything personalized gets extra points in our book. Anyone that receives a gift that has been in some way personalized just for them knows you went the extra step to pick something that has meaning. Take a look at our Key To My Heart Necklace and Key To My Heart Bracelet. All of our Key To My Heart gifts are the perfect sentimental gift. We have a fair amount of Key To My Heart gifts that are sent to people who are in long distance relationships, and many who are serving in the military. It is a beautiful way to share a gift of sentiment and as an added bonus your gift recipient has something that has been personalized just for them and something they can wear and keep close to their heart.


Also take a quick glance at our glass pearl and locket necklace. Stunning! It really is a beautiful piece of jewelry. If sending it to someone serving in the military, or if you are in a long distance relationship consider sending the locket to yourself first. Fill the locket with sweet pictures of the two of you. Include a little note that says …sending my love across the miles.


We love the Sentimental Messages gift bottle line. You have a virtual plethora of gift choices from this line of fine message bottles. You can choose one of the stock poems or letters or write your own. Each is then rolled into a scroll and placed into one of several styles of bottles that are offered. Some arrive with real rose petals inside the bottle and a Key To My Heart keepsake while others are filled with sand, sea shells and have actual burnt edged paper!


Lastly, I wanted to mention a piece that has been flying off the shelves. It is an item called Not All That Wander Are Lost. Small enough to be kept in a purse, pocket or briefcase it is handcrafted from solid lead free pewter. Perfect to send if your gift recipient travels, is in need of a bit of inspiration or even when you are trying to "find your way" back to a special relationship or perhaps when you are feeling lost or alone. The top of this inspirational piece is a section of the world. Flip it over and you will find a real working compass! Engraved into each piece are the words: "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost." A fitting reminder in these days when we can all use an inspirational reminder to "keep going". It arrives with a card that says The Journey of a Lifetime Begins With a Single Step.

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Gifts For Him and for Groomsmen


Finding just the right thing for men isn’t always easy. I think men are harder to buy for. But with a little creativity and thought you can find just the right thing for your man. Does he like sports? Take a look at our new line of Sports Bar ware. We will be adding to this line as time goes on so if you don’t see what you like today check back with us. All of our bar ware can be personalized at no additional charge! We love the big 25oz Sports Mug! Take a look at it here. Looking for a really great pilsner? We love the look of this one. It is stylish and can also be engraved with an initial at no charge. Rounding out our line of male gifts we will be adding leather travel bags, money clips, key chains and embroidered golf towels over the next few weeks. Bookmark us I think you will be impressed with the new gifts we will be bringing in just for the guys and in addition many of these would make great groomsmen’s gifts.

Some other thoughts are a gift certificate for a bit of male pampering at the spa. Many spas now offer packages just for the men. Tickets to basketball/baseball game or whatever sports he is really interested in. For most men that includes ALL sports, but really try and get tickets to the one(s) he is most passionate about. Or how about a night of male bonding at your home? Print a home made gift certificate off your computer for a sports party or poker night. Let him know on the certificate it is a guys only night for him and all of his friends. Offer to make sandwiches, appetizers and other treats. Decorate the TV room with all sorts of sports banners and the like. If you are organizing a poker party make sure you have several new decks of cards and poker chips if he doesn’t already own a set. These can easily be picked up at any party store. Once his friends arrive bring out the food and then you leave. Let the guys have a night just for themselves. He will love the fact that you went all out just for him and that you respect the fact that spending time with his friends is also important.

Whatever you decide on I am sure it will be perfect. Just the fact that you took time to read this post on gifts for him shows you are thoughtful enough to spend the extra time to make his gift special.

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The Sensual Side of Dinner


Ok, so you have prepared the most romantic dinner ever created. You have paid special attention to every detail. You spent time and effort finding out what his favorite meal is and created it just to please him. You have placed fresh linen and flowers on the table. You have selected just the right mood music and mood lighting. Perhaps a few candles as accents. Knowing he loves chocolate covered strawberries you have those waiting for dessert with other delicious finger type desserts. Everything is great, you say “forget it” to clearing the table and doing the dishes. This night is just for the two of you. After dinner and a few sensual smiles you decide to head for the couch. After a while one thing leads to another and off to the bedroom you go. You both fall onto the bed and VIOLA!

Whoa! Wait…what about the bedroom? Did you consider doing something extra special just for your partner in this room as well? It is funny how sometimes people put so much time and effort into the first half of the night but forget to “dress” the bedroom as well. Consider taking that extra step and making the bedroom an extra special place on this romantic evening.

A few ideas…In advance purchase all of the things the two of you like. And perhaps a few new products to try. Your bedroom is like a blank canvass. Peel back the bedspread, and consider scattering silk rose petals across the bed. Make sure you have soft lighting. A romantic CD already in the stereo just waiting for you to press “play”. Purchase a sexy book on the Kama Sutra or on the “how to” of intimate massage. Place it on the night stand for easy access. Have special oils and massage creams available. (check out our Kama Sutra product page). We carry several Kama Sutra weekend kits. Small enough to be discreet and great if you are new to the product line. Don't forget to have bite sized decadent edible treats and your favorite beverage or wine waiting bedside just for the two of you (don’t forget the glasses!). Enjoy this evening make it an evening they will not forget.

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Pewter Gifts and Heartfelt Keepsakes


We at are delighted to bring to you really unique and beautiful gifts. We really think about each product before we put it on the web site. It has to blend well with our product mix and has to be something we believe our customers will find creative, unique and special. All of our pewter items are hand cast in the United States. Our Pewter Key To My Heart Keepsake has been a staple of our company since its inception many years ago. Handcrafted from solid lead free pewter the larger of the two keepsake keys makes a stunning gift. Great to keep in a special keepsake box or it can even be used as a paperweight. It really is too large to carry on a key chain, but we do have a smaller version that is perfect to use as a key chain and arrives with a stainless steel key ring attached.

Followyuheart1s Another new edition that has sold out 2 times since we brought them in not that long ago is the Pewter Pocket Compass. This is really a sweet gift. Especially if the person you are giving it to is away on business, serving in the military or perhaps if you are going through a rough time in your relationship. Arriving gift boxed, they feature a compass on one side, flip it over and etched into the heart is your choice of three different heartfelt sayings.


Also available are our pewter Sentimental Keepsake Rings. They are also hand cast and are lead free. Sentimental Keepsake Rings are versatile charms that can be worn as jewelry, stacked on key loops, or even kept in a pocket. They touch lives and the heart. Each Sentimental Keepsake Ring is made from solid lead free pewter and is about the size of a U.S. Quarter.

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Lessons Learnt and Unconditional Love

All marriages go through ups and downs. My marriage isn’t immune from the usual roller coaster rides we all must go through. It is part of growing, learning and accepting.

I have a girlfriend whose husband every 5 years upgrades her diamond engagement ring. He “borrows it” with her permission, takes it to the jeweler and has it re-worked. For her this works great. For me I would never consider it. I would want the original one for sentimental reasons. Unfortunately my engagement/wedding ring was lost a few months ago. I am still devastated. But it reminded me of a few things and taught me a few valuable lessons. One (which I already knew) I have the most wonderful husband in the world. He comforted me through it (I was inconsolable), never gave me a hard time. Never said anything like WHAT! How could you loose it!!??!!

He knew I was not being negligent with it. It slipped off while I was out and I was unaware. Still he could have really given me a hard time. The only thing he was upset about was that I was upset. He reminded me that it is just an object. A very important one, but an object nonetheless. I remember when we were first engaged, we both worked hard paying that engagement ring off. He didn’t have all the money, but we talked about it and I wanted to help. I knew we would be in this marriage together, as a partnership, from the very beginning so I wasn’t into the typical protocol that the man should pay for it 100%. And our marriage has been like that ever since.

The other lesson I learned is that the person you marry IS the most valuable, sentimental thing in your life. Rings can be bought, worn and displayed as reminders of love and of course are very sentimental. But having my husband in my life is more important than any ring. So what’s the point of my rant on my lost ring? I am not sure really, other than to say it taught me a lesson on what is most important. Yes, when we finally were convinced that every stone had been turned and having called everywhere I went that day would not bring it back, I got a replacement, a beautiful one. I look at it often. I am so grateful that I have a it but I would be lying if I didn’t admit I wish my original one was in its place.

The moral to this story? Life is short. Don’t get hung up on the small stuff. Most of it is small stuff anyway. Move on and embrace life and all those around you. I’ll never give up hope that one day my ring will find its way back to me. I miss it terribly. It was on my hand for my wedding, the birth of my daughter, lots of love, tears, illness, 5 different residences, smiles, graduations, celebrations and everything in between. But if I never see it again I am blessed for having the honor of wearing it for 18 years and I have a very loving husband who is the best gift anyone could ever ask for.

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OOOPS! I Forgot My Anniversary…What Excuse Should I Use AND How To Prevent Future Occurrences?

Most of us have been there; working late, mind preoccupied with projects that MUST be completed, working on getting that promotion or receiving recognition for a job well done. Sacrifices being made in order to obtain the “Good Life” for you and your significant other. Then IT hits you. Your Anniversary Date! And of course it is today. No time left to make plans, select a gift that displays the importance of this day or even bring flowers home at a decent hour as to display the fact that you DID NOT forget.

For whatever reason the male species are typically the likely culprits of this tragedy. It isn’t that we don’t care or that we don’t view this date as important – we do!. It’s just that we typically have blinders on when it comes to important occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. It is a male defect. But it can be retrained. How you ask? Use today’s tools. Computer, cell phones, BlackBerries and other electronic media all have calendars that provide appointment/project reminders. However some of us either do not use this tool effectively or do not use them at all. For those of you that do not use this invaluable tool my suggestion is to start. Believe me it will save you a ton of grief and, if used optimally, will even provide benefits that can better be described in other blogs. For those of us that need help with scheduling please take note of the following. THE DAY OF YOUR ANNIVERSARY IS TOO LATE!! Schedule time to plan AND schedule time to execute your plan. When it comes to anniversaries most ladies are impressed with effort. Yes, a perfect evening or day celebrating your wedding is wonderful but the effort is what counts. Picking up a box of candies and a card at the corner drug store at 7:00pm ain’t gonna cut it! So, plan this day well in advance. Make it special for her and trust me she will make it special for you.

OK, so you get the planning thing and realize this is the action you must take for all future anniversaries. But, what if you are reading this on the day of that special event and find yourself with no time to even swing by the local drug store for the card and one of those roses conveniently placed at the cash register. You can go the Joliet Jake Blues route and use the type of excuses he uses when confronted by his ex-fiancé, in the movie The Blues Brothers (Flashing his baby blues he cries “I ran out of gas. I, I had a flat tire. I didn't have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn't come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts. IT WASN'T MY FAULT, I SWEAR TO GOD.”) or you can take or more realistic approach – the truth. No excuses.

Here’s my thought on making excuses… Don’t, just be honest. Chances are she will forgive you and if you try to find a way to really make it up to her she will most certainly forgive you. Think of something that is unusual and special. Remember that effort is the key word. Put true effort into this and the anniversary day that you forgot could turn into a day that she will remember with truly fond memories.

As a final note women forget also - just not as much!!

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Our thanks to Mike Brown for this thought provoking article and glance into the male mind.

The Right Anniversary Gift, Where Do I Start?


There is a wide variety of anniversary gift ideas out there. Anything from hot air balloon rides to diamond jewelry and everything in-between. You know your mate better than anyone else so it is up to you to sort through the myriad of gift choices out there for something he or she will love. Luckily there is a modern and traditional anniversary table (see our home page) that lists categories for certain years. It isn’t necessary for you to follow it to the letter, or at all for that matter. I have been married for 18 years and my husband and I never have followed either the traditional or modern anniversary gift tables (although he might consider it when we get to the Diamond Anniversary year! I think I'll send him a reminder on that one!) Still there are many of us who are die hard sentimentalists who follow the tables and it is fun to do and takes some of the guess work as to where to start your search for just the right thing. I think most of us appreciate the little things too. Not just the big gifts on the big years but all the days in-between. We love personalized gifts. We love engraved gifts, and we love any gift where you just know the other person has really taken the time to find the "perfect gift". It isn’t always easy, so if you need help don’t be afraid to ask for it. Enlist the help of a trusted friend close to your partner. Other “go to” people are their parents and co workers. We have a wide variety of anniversary gifts at Take a look you might find just the right thing.