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All marriages go through ups and downs. My marriage isn’t immune from the usual roller coaster rides we all must go through. It is part of growing, learning and accepting.

I have a girlfriend whose husband every 5 years upgrades her diamond engagement ring. He “borrows it” with her permission, takes it to the jeweler and has it re-worked. For her this works great. For me I would never consider it. I would want the original one for sentimental reasons. Unfortunately my engagement/wedding ring was lost a few months ago. I am still devastated. But it reminded me of a few things and taught me a few valuable lessons. One (which I already knew) I have the most wonderful husband in the world. He comforted me through it (I was inconsolable), never gave me a hard time. Never said anything like WHAT! How could you loose it!!??!!

He knew I was not being negligent with it. It slipped off while I was out and I was unaware. Still he could have really given me a hard time. The only thing he was upset about was that I was upset. He reminded me that it is just an object. A very important one, but an object nonetheless. I remember when we were first engaged, we both worked hard paying that engagement ring off. He didn’t have all the money, but we talked about it and I wanted to help. I knew we would be in this marriage together, as a partnership, from the very beginning so I wasn’t into the typical protocol that the man should pay for it 100%. And our marriage has been like that ever since.

The other lesson I learned is that the person you marry IS the most valuable, sentimental thing in your life. Rings can be bought, worn and displayed as reminders of love and of course are very sentimental. But having my husband in my life is more important than any ring. So what’s the point of my rant on my lost ring? I am not sure really, other than to say it taught me a lesson on what is most important. Yes, when we finally were convinced that every stone had been turned and having called everywhere I went that day would not bring it back, I got a replacement, a beautiful one. I look at it often. I am so grateful that I have a it but I would be lying if I didn’t admit I wish my original one was in its place.

The moral to this story? Life is short. Don’t get hung up on the small stuff. Most of it is small stuff anyway. Move on and embrace life and all those around you. I’ll never give up hope that one day my ring will find its way back to me. I miss it terribly. It was on my hand for my wedding, the birth of my daughter, lots of love, tears, illness, 5 different residences, smiles, graduations, celebrations and everything in between. But if I never see it again I am blessed for having the honor of wearing it for 18 years and I have a very loving husband who is the best gift anyone could ever ask for.

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