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July 2007

June 2007

Make Your Own "Fireworks" This July 4th!

Remember when you first met? Everything was so new and exciting. That very first kiss, that first embrace and the first time you were intimate with one another. As time passes sometimes the “sparks” just aren’t as they used to be. I think we all get a little taken for granted at times. And of course we have all been guiltyof taking someone else for granted as well. The important thing is when you realize it is happening to do something about it. Don’t ignore the obvious. If you really care about the other person you should want to go that “extra mile” even if at times you are tired or just don’t feel like it. There are literally hundreds of great ideas out there for re-igniting that “fire”. At we sell many great books on the subject. But if you can’t wait until you purchase a book. Use your imagination. Plan a special evening together. If you have children, get a babysitter. Really devote this special evening to just romance. No talk of bills, kids, jobs or anything else either than the two of you. Purchase beautiful oils for a special massage. Or decorate the bed with rose petals and leave out a new sexy piece of lingerie for her or a pair of silk boxers for him. Consider purchasing a romantic game. The Enchanted Evening Game has been a best seller for us for years. It’s romantic, its playful and it is beautifully packaged. If your looking for a little something “spicier” try the Kama Sutra game. Both games have the same “end result” in mind. But the Kama Sutra game is a bit more on the intimate side where the Enchanted Evening game does help you get to the intimacy but does it a bit more on the romantic side. Both games are excellent. Take a look at the Kama Sutra Weekender Kit. The perfect gift to slip inside an overnight bag or even a purse. Has small samples of some of the best selling Kama Sutra products. And at a great price too

This July 4th celebrate your love too! Let the fireworks begin!

Romantic Evening Idea - Two Can Play At that Game!

Tired of watching football? Or having to sit through a chick flick? No problem! Show your partner that although you may not necessarily be a sports or chick flicks junkie you respect their right to have their male bonding or female bonding time!!

Start by asking your partners friends to join him/her for a day of sports or chick flicks! Ask the friends not to say anything to your partner as this will be a surprise. If you are doing this for a sports nut, consider hosting a party for him and all his friends on a Sunday to watch football or whatever they are into.!

Decorate the room with sports decorations and make appetizers and sandwiches for the guys. If this is for the gals, rent all her favorite films. Have the room all set up with a DVD/VCR. Spend time making sandwiches and the like for the gals.!

As your partner enjoys being surprised by their friends joining them for the day, announce that you hope they have a great time and you go shopping or hang with the guys until their party is over!!

Trust me, this goes a long way with a mate. It shows that you really care about what makes them happy!

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Anniversary Scrapbook A Key To The Past And Their Heart

Here is an idea we love. This is a sentimental journey to do for your significant other and celebrate your wedding annviersary and your love for each other. Sending an anniversary gift is a wonderful idea, but how about doing something a bit out of the ordinary that will certainly be long remembered. See if you can arrange to meet where you first saw each other. Sometimes this isn’t always possible. But if you met at a restaurant or at a club send an invitation to your partner to meet you there or better yet arrange to have a limousine pick up your significant other and bring them to the designated spot. Take time to enjoy this special time together.

At the conclusion of your evening, try this! Present to your partner a scrapbook of important events, parties, and festivities you have been to together in reverse order and on the last page have a picture or a momento from the place you first met. Then say at the end…I would do it all over again

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25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Going Beyond The Ordinary

Both the modern and the traditional anniversary gift tables have silver as the gift choice for 25th wedding anniversaries. Silver doesn’t have to be the entire gift choice. In other words if offering a special gift of love and you decide on a sterling silver necklace as an anniversary gift for her why not put it in a lovely jewelry box. One she can use for this piece and for all of her other trinkets. Or purchase 1 dozen red roses and choose a lovely sterling silver ring for your love. Select one of the roses and gently put the ring in-between a few of the petals. Get home ahead of her. Put the roses in a beautiful vase and then secretly put the ring in between a pinch of the rose petals. This works great on full size roses (Like long stem) not so great on sweetheart roses (short stem, smaller bud). If choosing a silver wedding anniversary gift for him. Think beyond the love in your heart to something he will enjoy carrying around with him as much as he carries thoughts of you all day long. Silver plated money clip is a lovely choice. Choose one that can be personalized. One gift we really love is the silver plated fortune cookie. It can be customized with a fortune all your own. Or choose from one of many fortunes available. If he likes to dress up, don’t forget cuff links. Cuff links aren’t your dad’s old cuff links anymore. There are some stunning choices out there. And lastly a watch. Marking your love for each other and a timepiece all carries the additional sentimental quality as it also notes the passing of time. Visit us at

Wedding Anniversary Family and Friends Celebration

Here is something the two of you can do together and with family and friends. I love doing things for other people. Sure, I love when the spotlight is on me and my partner but I also like to “turn the tables” a bit and really take the time to recognize and honor the people most important to me. Plan an intimate anniversary for the two of you, then plan a party for your friends!

Here is what I mean... Your wedding day and the time proceeding it I am sure was hectic getting everything coordinated from caterers to photographers and so much more. It was probably the most wonderful, exciting, thrilling time for the both of you. But let’s not forget frustrating, exhausting and time consuming as well. While all the fun and excitement was going on don’t forget to recognize the contribution your bridal party and immediate family contributed. This is a great way to have some fun, remember your special day and say thank you all at the same time. Not to mention a great excuse to get together again!

This can be done at any wedding year anniversary. Have a party in their honor. Here is how to get started. Send out invitations to your wedding party. Send them to the groomsmen and bridesmaids, and both sets of parents and any additional family and friends. Note on the invitation No Gifts Please. Instead hunt for small tokens of friendship and love (these do not have to be costly) and present these gifts to them during the party. Perhaps after making a toast acknowledging all of their love and support.

Take plenty of pictures. After the pictures are developed create a memory album of your wedding pictures along side the anniversary party pictures. A great way to keep memories, friends and family close. Visit us at

Romantic Evening Q and A. It Can Be Alot Of Fun!

Enjoying one another and getting to know one another go hand in hand. Romance can be cultivated through thought, word and deed. Preparing a night of romance can also include a bit of fun and bit of role playing. While dinner is cooking pour two glasses of your favorite beverage, play some relaxing music and play 20 questions! Dare to ask! It is fun and flirty! And you may just find out something you didn't know about your mate. Here are some questions to get you started. Don't be afraid to think of some of your own as well. Some questions are more intimate than others. Choose the ones you feel are relationship appropriate for you.

  • If you could be any age for just one day what age would you be?
  • Would you ever go skinny dipping?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • What kind of clothing do you feel most sexy in?
  • What is your favorite song?
  • If you could have lunch with anyone past or present who would it be?
  • Who is your hero?
  • Do you like scary films?
  • What holiday do you really look forward to each year?
  • What are two most erogenous parts of your body?
  • Have you ever watched an X movie?
  • Have you ever had a full body massage?
  • If someone dared you would you be a stripper for one night?
  • What is the most outrageous place you have ever made love?
  • What are your three most important goals to achieve this year?
  • Besides your parents who knows you best?
  • What one person has helped you change for the better?
  • Have you ever played Strip Poker?
  • Have you ever read the Kama Sutra?
  • Would you ever run for public office?

  • Which Anniversary Gift for Years 5 and 6?

    Lets look at anniversary gift ideas for years 5 and 6. Selecting the right anniversary gift isn’t that hard if you really think about it. After all you are celebrating a very special event with your significant other. Or perhaps you are sending a gift to a friend or a child. And of course there is always that hmmm…”He’s got everything what do I get?” or “I don’t really know them all that well but want to send something”. What you know for sure is that you want them to feel that you selected something that is not only very meaningful and special to them but in the instance of sending to a husband or wife perhaps the gift could also show some significance to the union itself. What I mean is for year 5 wood is the traditional gift choice and on the modern anniversary table wood is year 6. What about an engraved wood clock? This is a perfect item. Why? First, the personalization. By personalizing it, it is going that extra step to show them how much you care. That you went that “extra mile” in your gift giving choice. But as an added bonus a wood clock clearly is relevant to anniversary as it is significant as you honor the passage of time in your relationship. In addition consider a gentleman’s keepsake box for his watches and loose change. And for a woman a wood jewelry box makes a beautiful gift. We offer both of these items as plain or personalized. Visit us at for these and many more anniversary gifts.

    Romantic Gift Giving

    Ah, the art of romance. Sweet, subtle tokens of affection. A glance, a touch a kiss. We have been on a quest for divine romance since the dawn of time. If you have tried all the "usual" ideas for romance. Spend a little time here getting some extra ideas for your next romantic rendezvous.

    And here is the best part it doesn't have to be expensive. In fact most say that the littlest of gestures that come for the heart mean more than an extravagance. Have your next romantic move be one of pure imagination and maybe a little from inspiration.

    A Romantic gift can be as simple as a dozen roses or a scrapbook you put together of all of the special places you have been to together. Need some more ideas? Check us out at One Passion Place

    Welcome To The One Passion Place Blog

    Welcome to the One Passion Place Blog. Our first post will be selecting the right anniversary gift for year 1,3 5 and 6.Certainly there are the traditional anniversary gift choices, however most people opt for the more modern gift choices. We absolutely love the Sentimental Messages line of Message Bottle Gifts for sending an anniversary gift celebrating a couples 1st anniversary which is paper if you are following the traditional anniversary gift table and for a couples 3rd anniversary which is glass if using the more modern gift table. Sentimental Messages Bottle gifts include a parchment or vellum paper scroll along with many box or treasure chest gift wrappings. For a couples fifth anniversary (traditional and sixth modern) we love the idea of a clock. It has several meanings. One it is sentimental marking time by giving a special clock. Even better when you personalize it with the couples name and date. In our next post we will be listing the new modern and the traditional anniversary gift tables for your reference. In the meantime visit us at for many new and exciting anniversary gift choices.