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With Halloween being just around the corner, I thought it may be nice to share some of our favorite Pins of Halloween Ideas, Halloween Treats, Handmade Halloween Treats, Halloween party ideas, Halloween Drinks and Halloween Costume Ideas. We even have pinned some great ideas for Halloween Decorations and free Halloween printables! Here is the link to the onepassionplace.com Pinterest Halloween board. Enjoy!

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Bentlor Square Sterling Silver Locket


Bentlor Square Sterling Silver Locket

Who has the best jewelry gifts? onepassionplace.com of course! Check out our new line of Bentlor Locket with CZ stones. Stunning! Not to mention we are sending a FREE sterling silver necklace along with this pendant as just "ONE" of our Valentines specials we are offering this year!. Just order this piece before 1/25/2015 and we will include a sterling silver 18" necklace!!!

The pendant itself really is extraordinary. Just look at the craftsmanship and artisan touches on this beautiful sterling silver locket. We love that it is rectangular and that it will open so your favorite picture can be placed inside. A very sentimental gift and one that will certainly be cherished for years to come. Also check out our other fine jewelry and contemporary artisan pieces by clicking here.

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Silver Plated Treasure Chest Jewelry & Keepsake Box


Silver Plated Treasure Chest Jewelry & Keepsake Box

$39.95 and FREE Engraving

Our Victorian Silver Plated Keepsake Jewelry Box will certainly become a cherished keepsake. Beautifully made to hold her special mementoes and jewelry. We love the Victorian look and feel of this special keepsake box. It boasts an antique silver plate finish with a hinged top. The inside is beautifully lined with a velvet fabric bottom.  This item is beautiful on its own but can be personalized with up to 3 initials/characters at no additional charge. Measures: 4 1/2" X 2 !/2"

Rio Sterling Silver Blue Inlay Created Opal Marquise Earrings


Our new - Rio Sterling Silver Blue Inlay Created Opal Marquise Earrings make a statement all on their own. Wear them anytime, day or night. Whether you are on the beach or in your office these earrings are the perfect "go-to" accessory. We love the color of the created opals not to mention the hint of sparkle given off by the cubic zirconia stones. They are intricately set in a sterling silver setting and will look amazing year round.

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Monaco Amethyst and Pearl Dangle Earrings


Wont she look lovely in these amazing Monaco Earrings? Beautifully set genuine amethyst stones and freshwater cultured pearls adorn these lovely fashion dangle earrings Four pearls and 3 amethyst stones per earring. The setting is sterling silver

Antique Finish Sterling Silver Real Amethyst Stones Freshwater Cultured Pearls Shepherds Hook

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Windsor Contemporary Fashion Bracelet With Hand Set Stones


This charming contemporary bracelet is simply beautiful. Scattered cubic zirconia of multiple hues sparkle against this bracelets stainless steel setting. Each stone is hand set and the quality of this piece can not be over stated. We love the filigree work on this piece taking it from old world look to a new updated contemporary feel. Perfect for daytime or night and makes a great gift for any occasion.. Width: 43mm Clasp/Connector: Slip On- No Clasp-Stretch

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Military Gifts For Every Branch of The Service - Including All New Compass Gifts!


Check out our new items on our Military Gifts page! Some great new gifts for Navy Gifts, Army Gifts, Air Force Gifts, Coast Guard Gifts and even gifts specifically for retired service members. From Challange Coins to Keepsake Boxes you will find the perfect gift for your military gift recipient. Also check out our Law Enforcement and First Responder gifts too! We even have a page devoted to Nautical gifts too! And before I forget to mention it take a look at our wood gifts page too. There are plenty of items on that page that can be customized to fit your needs. Large and small orders are welcome. We can even customize your gift for free! You can find us on Twitter @heartsfolly. On Facebook and Pinterest too! Our main website is www.onepassionplace.com.

Fairy Tale Love - Pumpkin Coach Silver Plated Photo Frame


The perfect frame for a wedding, anniversary or engagement gift. It is our fairy tale inspired pumpkin coach photo frame. The pumpkin coach frame holds a 3.5" x 3.5" photo and has two wheels that actually roll! This very creative photo frame is made in a non-tarnish, bright finish and simply beautiful! Overall measurements of the pumpkin coach frame are 4.75" x 5.5". Makes a wonderful gift for princesses of all ages! Arrives Gift Boxed.

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A Word About Relationships, Broken Hearts and Destiny


We have all been there haven't we? At least in one form or another. A broken heart, broken trust, broken faith. I wish I had a magic wand to make the pain more bearable for those who have lost at love or for those whose loved one has passed on. I read this article recently about this couple who were married for 70 Years. From the article: ‘He just didn’t want to leave her here by herself.’ Kenneth Felumlee, 91, follows wife, Helen, 92, to the great hereafter. "They held hands at breakfast, even after 70 years of marriage.And when Helen Felumlee left this life at the age of 92, her beloved husband followed in her footsteps less than a day later. Read more about this amazing Ohio couple by clicking here

Even the Mayo Clinic recognizes "Broken Heart Syndrome" under its Diseases and Conditions section of their website (click here to read what the Mayo Clinic has to say.)

In the final analogy however, I don't know if there is any magical cure. My personal opinion is time has a funny way of working things out. Some of the things and people I wished for in my life ended up being hopes and dreams and wishes unanswered. Maybe it wasn't best for me at the time, however maybe it was best for the other person. And I can relate to that as well.

So, my recommendation? Be gentle with yourself. Be Kind to yourself. Bless the other person and pray for their well being and understand that sometimes the most kindest, most gentle thing you can do for another person is to let them go in mind and in spirit. Some people are only meant to be with you for a short period of time. Perhaps these and others who enter your life are there to help guide you and become a teacher of yours. Maybe there is something you need to learn and they were sent to help address it. They say there are angels masquarading as humans here on earth. If we really are just stardust, all of us formed in the universe, could it be that far fetched that there are "others" helping us "make our way" through this experiance here on this planet? What do you think? Let us know.

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Hello Beautiful! This Mirrored Jewelry Box Has A Unique Feature...


This very creative and unique mirrored glass jewelry box boasts a host of amazing features. First, the top is a generous 8" by 6" and features a space for a 4" x 6" photo to be displayed. The lid itself is adorned with a beautiful crystal at each of its four corners. The lid lifts to reveal a black flocked interior that features jewelry compartments in the bottom and another mirror inside the lid (remove the mirror inside the lid to access the photo compartment). All of the mirror panels are beveled to add to the elegant look and to catch reflections everywhere. The box can be personalized, too. Try adding a monogram, a name or a special message to make it a truly unique gift. Overall dimensions are 6"x8"x3.75".

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