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New Ways To Pop The Question - Ideas From Our Clients


If you are looking for a unique way to propose, why not try one of our great romantic ideas submitted from actual customers who wanted to share their experience with us. You can click here to see all of the message in a bottle choices

Here's our first story from Jimmy G. in Shreveport, La "I chose to do a beach proposal because our very first vacation as a couple was to the Caribbean. That Vacation set the tone for the next 2 years of what was and continues to be an everlasting love. I wanted to do something special to tie-in both moments, so I chose a beach proposal. I went with the Treasured Rose edition and talked to a representative about making it more custom. Like, I wanted to incorporate both roses and sand in seas shells but not in the same bottle, so we did a special arrangement of sand and sea shells inside and rose petals lying on top of the items inside the treasure chest. Anyway, I had simply print "Will You Marry Me"? on the scroll that goes inside the bottle. I attached the ring to the Key to my Heart key chain that came with the gift and then buried it in the sand ahead of time. We walked along the beach for a bit until we arrived at the predetermined spot right outside our private villa. I had the chest sticking out just a bit out of the sand and as we were walking along my planned route, I was like "whats that"? we went over and dug a bit and then she saw her name on the treasure chest and started to cry. I guess she knew what was coming, she opened the chest and removed the bottle, read the scroll, sat back on her knees and said, ""Oh My God, this is the is just so beautiful"", little did she know the ring was just inside the lid of the box attached to the key chain, she opened that next and admired the chain until she saw the ring dangling from the key ring...well, more tears and more yes, yes YES's...and the rest of the evening was magic, magic and more magic. Thanks to Arlene and Mike who worked so hard on this for me. We even used their wedding bottles as invitations and to exchange our vows at our beach ceremony at Turks and Caicos last summer. Job well done!"


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