Into The Night Message In A Bottle Edition
Law of Attraction - Power of Intention, Keepsake Affirmation Box

Into The Night Keepsake Box and Key


You asked for it, and we have brought it to you. The Into The Night poem has been revised and updated so that it can capture the moment on a stunning keepsake box. THe real difference is the last paragraph where poet, Arlene Brown has updated that verse to correspond with someone receiving the keepsake box version instead of the message in a bottle edition

Here's the description:

Poet, Arlene Brown, takes us on another amazing journey as she introduces her latest work - Into the Night. It is our newest edition to the Sentimental Message keepsake box line.

With its beautiful words and stunning attention to detail this gift is sure to please even the most discriminating of tastes.

Whether you are in a new relationship, long distance relationship, newly married or celebrating a special anniversary this engraved solid wood keepsake box will touch the heart and become an instant heirloom!

We have laser engraved the poem Into The Night, book style, on the top of this amazing rosewood finish box. The Knights image is also laser engraved utilizing a 3D application on the inside lid.

When your gift recipient opens the box they will find a solid pewter key. The key is approximately 4½ long and has been hand forged just for us here in the USA. The key will be placed in a red velvet presentation jewelers bag for that "extra touch".

An optional brass name plate is available at no additional charge for a limited time.


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